Gear Review: Osprey Atmos AG

Gear Review: Osprey Atmos AG

Gear Review: Osprey Atmos AG


Our Noble Canyon trip a couple weeks ago marked the first time I had the opportunity to use my Osprey Atmos 65 AG backpack out on the trail. This is the newest innovation from Osprey and, coming from a guy that’s been backpacking with other brands for 20 years, I’m a convert.

Pros of the Osprey Atmos AG

There’s a lot that this pack has going for it. The feature set is a pretty impressive one making it easy to keep everything accessible but out of the way enough to be comfortable. Here are some of the key features that I found particularly useful on my trip:

  • Trekking Pole Attachments: It’s been about 10 years since looked into buying a new backpack and I know that there are a lot of new features being built into packs but I thought this one was a particularly good one. I loved having my poles so easily accessible and stowable.
  • Internal Reservoir Sleeve: Again, this is something I wished we’d had in our packs years ago. It’s not that I don’t love carting around the extra weight of a Nalgene or Camelback bottle but having my water fitted into the inside of my pack with the hose coming over my shoulder makes it a lot easier to stay hydrated on the trail.
  • Hip Belt Pockets: These seemed like a God send. I remember thinking that I was more excited about these pockets than someone should be about something like this. From a couple Clif Bars to my compass, knife and salve to relieve sensitive rashes, I was able to keep everything accessible enough that I didn’t even have to take off my pack.
  • Suspension System: This by FAR is the coup de gras of the Osprey Atmost AG. This suspension system keeps the weight of the pack off of your lower back making it a lot easier and more comfortable to carry. I was also spared the discomfort of my pack rubbing heavily on a sweaty back.

Cons of the Osprey Atmos AG

Honestly there aren’t many cons to the Atmos. The only real challenge I had with it was one:

  • Front Panel Pockets: With the way that the pack is set up, the front pockets are kind of tough to use. If the main pack compartment is full (as mine was), the front pockets are pretty tight and as a result can’t hold very much. I missed the side pockets of my old packs.

All in all, the Osprey Atmos AG is an incredible pack and well worth the price.

Ian Campbell Ian Campbell is the founder of Love the Backcountry and a long time lover of adventure travel. When not writing about the backcountry, he can typically be found hiking, backpacking and camping in the mountains and looking to lay his head beneath as many trees as he can find.