How to Find Your Perfect Hiking Mate

How to Find Your Perfect Hiking Mate

How to Find Your Perfect Hiking Mate


For single people out there that are interested in finding someone who loves the outdoors as much as they do, comes the incredible LuvByrd dating website. Out of all the match-making apps that are on the market today, there’s nothing out there that’s quite like LuvByrd. LuvByrd is a highly efficient, fun, and new way for singles who enjoy outdoor activities as part of their lifestyle to connect with each other. It’s an easy way to find others who have the same interests, without the hassle those other, less nichey dating websites have. It’s also a way for people to branch outside of their normal social circles, without having to spend too much time filtering through countless members searching for that special someone.

LuvByrdAccording to Founder Mike Keshian and Co-founder John Weaver, “Similar interest has been identified as the #1 criteria when looking for a potential new partner for a relationship.” While other online dating platforms are successful in creating general matches, for avid outdoor enthusiasts, it doesn’t quite make the cut. By using LuvByrd, users can log on already knowing that they share the most important interest with their potential date, and the other compatibility criteria will come after that. LuvByrd is therefore an invaluable service for outdoorsy people, and it’s looking for people like you to start joining or spreading the word.

The website’s development began in 2014, but it officially launched at the beginning of this year. After two years of hard work, LuvByrd is now available for download in Google Play and the Apple Store. Right now, the website is centered primarily in Colorado, but Keshian and Weaver are hoping to expand to other regions and states, and maybe other countries.

At the moment, the entire platform is free. However, LuvByrd will soon start a “freemium” model, in which you can sign up, create a profile, and view other profiles for free. Then, if you want to start messaging people, liking profiles, and seeing who viewed and liked your profile, you’ll have to sign up for the premium features which are only $9.99 a month. (Hint- sign up now while it’s stillLuvByrd, dating free with unlimited features!).


If you can’t catch the deal in time, then no worries! LuvByrd has one of the lowest membership fees of any dating platform out there, with a lot more benefits for you. If you can pay for Netflix each month, then surely you can pay to find the potential love of your life! Plus, once you meet someone, most of your dates will probably be inexpensive as you’ll be doing something outdoorsy together.

Still not convinced? Even in the short time LuvByrd has been available, members have already found partners that they have turned into relationships. We know this because several members asked to take their profile down, as they’ve met someone on the site and had no interest in pursuing other matches. Even one of the founders found himself in a relationship with someone he met on the site.

Imagine, finding someone to come with you on all your adventures; skiing, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, who also understands the need to get out by yourself once in a while. Of course, LuvByrd isn’t only for people who like hiking and camping, but also people who enjoy going to concerts, on picnics, amusement parks, and anything else that involves being outside.

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Once you sign up for LuvByrd, you’ll discover how straightforward it is. Instead of writing a silly bio about yourself, you’ll be asked to answer interesting prompts that encompass your favorite or most memorable outdoor experiences. You’ll also be asked to check off your preferred seasonal activities. After all, finding your potential partner should be a walk in the park. With a little patience, you can be on the way to finding your match in less time than it would take to convince your best friend to go hiking with you. LuvByrd has been breaking the barriers of what’s possible, whether it be on the trail or at just at your laptop.

Get involved, and sign up for LuvByrd now!

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