14 Items to Make You Get Outdoors Now

14 Items to Make You Get Outdoors Now

14 Items to Make You Get Outdoors Now


If you’re looking to get outdoors but you need a little more motivation before hitting the trail, then check out these awesome items which will surely do the trick! Once you have one of these in your possession, you’ll want to get outdoors to put them to use as much as you possibly can.

1. This Groovy Tent:

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Okay, while we’re all for you getting a tent that’s going to support the kind of hiking you’re going to be doing, this one is hard to pass up. The Volkswagen Camper Tent gives you the vibes of renting your own RV and driving around the country, without having to spend as much. Camp in style with this baby!

2. This Environmentally-Friendly Daypack:

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Who needs to bring chargers to the wilderness when you have the Eceen Solar Powered Hiking Backpack? This ultralight backpack is ideal for the person who wants to get outdoors for the day, but still be back in time for dinner! (With your phone fully charged, of course!)

3. These Fashionable Mosquito Repellent Bracelets:

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Love the outdoors but hate coming home to itchy welts on your body? Now you can leave the smelly bug spray at home and rock these colorful natural mosquito repellent bracelets on your next camping trip. The mosquitoes won’t know what hit them!

4. These Seriously Underrated Night Vision Goggles:

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Heading to the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to leave your video game fantasies at home. Though they’re a bit on the expensive side, you can have a lot of fun with the Bushnell Lynx Gen 1 Night Vision Binoculars. You’ve just taken an ordinary game of Manhunt to the next level.

5. This 2-in-1 Picnic Set:

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Have you hands free with this awesome 2-in-1 picnic set! The Yield Picnic Bag and Blanket serves as both your picnic basket and picnic blanket. Never feel the struggle of holding a blanket and a basket ever again!

6. This “Beer On the Go”:

Why bring a whole case of heavy beer on your hike when you can have powdered beer? Trek N’ Eat makes this amazing invention that will get you outdoors now. Okay, so it might be non-alcoholic at the moment, but the company is in the process of releasing the alcoholic type. In the meantime, you can try the red wine version of this amazing product.

7. This Video Cam That Floats:

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There’s no need for a drone when you can just get the Snitch. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Snitch is a spherical camera which you throw up in the air, and it floats as it gets the perfect video or picture. You will never have to ask anyone to take your shot again, which is great for those who want to hike solo! Snitch will be released later this year.

8. These Funky Camp Lights:

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Decking out your campsite with beautiful lights sounds like a good idea, but it’s not a practical. That is unless of course you have the BioLite NanoGrid, which is pretty much the coolest light set out there! Use it as a lantern, flashlight, or as hanging string lights.

9. These Inspector Gadget-Style Walkie Talkies:

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Yes, yes we know. It’s the 21st century and smart watches are a thing. They’re also a bit expensive to take on the trail, and not as cool as the old days when people used walkie talkies to have fun. Get a set of the Vectorcom Portable Digital Wrist Watch Walkie Talkie and have fun in the forest.

10. This Hammock That Cleans You:

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Hammocks are pretty dope to begin with, but what about a hammock that also serves as a bathtub? Yes, the Hydro Hammock is a real thing. When you’re not taking a nap in it, fill it with water and take a much-needed outdoor bath! Or, hang it under the sun and turn it into your very own swimming pool!

11. This Genius Sleeping Bag:

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There’s no need to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, or a jacket separately, when you can get them all together. The Jakpak can be worn as a normal, waterproof jacket during the day, and a comfortable bivy sack at night! The convenience offered in a product like this will encourage you to get outdoors now!

12. This Incredible Polaroid Printer:

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The Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer will be your best friend on the trail. Just link up your smartphone, and bam, beautiful pictures of you and mother nature will pop out instantly. Now you’ll have your camping memories forever!

13. This Innovative “Doggy Bag”:

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You’re nice enough to bring your dog hiking with you, but you can’t be bothered to carry his water, food, treats, and poo bags. Luckily, the Pup Science Khaki Ranger is the only accessory you need to bring your furry friend outdoors. While you’re at it, don’t forget the Barkerbag, which is a wonderful sleeping bag for your dog.

14. This Amazing Adventure Journal:

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Need some inspiration for your writing? There’s nothing you’ll love more than the Small Adventures Journal by Keiko Brodeur. This guided journal is the perfect way to record your time in the outdoors, and you’ll be keen to get out and write in it as much as possible.
If you’re needing more inspiration to get outdoors, surely one of these cool items will do it for you!

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