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Meet Tim Dube and Capitol Hill Outfitters

I was just recently introduced to Tim Dube and Capitol Hill Outfitters and really appreciated his story. We’re all about helping people get out into the wilderness to do some backpacking, camping and hiking and Tim is serving an area that definitely doesn’t get enough of it! Can you tell us a little about you […]

Meet The Savvy Hiker

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Jessica Martin, the founder of The Savvy Hiker. After learning about her business, I asked her if we could do a profile about her and The Savvy Hiker. Here’s what she shared with me. Can you tell us a little about you and your organization? Raised in East […]

7 Easy Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only winter day that’s worth making special with your other half, it’s time to set out on that incredible journey to go get your significant other that “gift” they’ll love. When shopping for outdoorsy people, it’s not always easy. Outdoorsy people tend to be minimalistic, and not really into “stuff” as […]


Want Try Something New This Winter? Here’s Snowshoeing 101

Hiking during the winter means a lot of opportunities to try things you’ve never tried before. This could be anything from skiing, ice climbing, polar plunging…anything, as long as it gets you outside. The backcountry is the perfect place to take on exciting experiences, and this time of year, we’re giving snowshoeing a try. If […]

The 6 Best Blankets for Camping in the Backcountry

When you head outside, no matter the season, you’re going to need (or at least want) a camping blanket. Unless your sleeping bag is perfect, having another way to keep warm is extra important. In the winter months, a camping blanket can really be the difference between a comfortable sleep and a horrible one. In […]

This Gear Can Simplify Your Car Camping Experience

One of the reasons car camping is always a good time is because you can minimize the stress when it comes to bringing all of your gear for car camping. Basically, whatever fits in the car can come to the campground with you. That being said, once you’ve got the essentials, there will hopefully be space for […]