Here’s Why You Want to Hike Montana This Year

Here’s Why You Want to Hike Montana This Year

Here’s Why You Want to Hike Montana This Year


Montana is one of those states that people often forget about. Though it has a few outdoor selling points, hiking Montana is still not as popular as its midwestern counterparts. And, while most outdoor lovers are quick to put Arizona, California, or Utah on their bucket lists, maybe they should consider elsewhere. And, by elsewhere, we mean someplace like…Montana. Here’s why The Treasure State should be on your¬†backcountry bucket list. Make sure you choose to hike Montana this year.

Hiking Montana for Glacier National Park

Located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park is hands down one of the best national parks in North America. It’s filled with hundreds upon hundreds of scenic hiking trails, tons of camping areas, and plenty of wildlife to spark your excitement. Glacier National Park is also home to the Hidden Falls and Lake McDonald with its colorful pebbles.

The problem is, many people come to Glacier and completely dismiss the fact that this amazing destination is just one of the many to see when hiking Montana.

The Pathway to Other National Parks

Have you already explored all of Glacier National Park? (Impossible.) But, we understand that sometimes you want to get a taste of something different. Another reason you’ll want to hike Montana this year is because the state has access to many other parks, too. Did you know that part of Yellowstone lies in Montana? What about Grand Teton? And, don’t forget about Bozeman! There’s seriously so much to see here.

Backcountry for Miles

One of the most beautiful things about hiking Montana is “nothing.” And by that, we mean the nothingness. Montana is one of the few states in the U.S. where you can take in the emptiness in all its glory. Of course, part of that emptiness is the miles and miles of backcountry that you can explore.

hike Montana, hiking Montana

Make Your Way to Canada

Another reason you’ll want to hike Montana this year is because of this state’s close proximity to our neighbor up north. And, this year is one of the best years to hike Canada, for a multitude of reasons. (Mostly because it’s the anniversary.) Though it may not be as simple as crossing the border, usually if you stay in Waterton Park, you’ll be good. Of course, there are other ways “around” it!

Hike Montana for Perfect Seasons

Do you like some variety in the weather surrounding your hike? Then Montana is a good place to be. They experience the four seasons here and get deep into each one. Especially winter, where you can visit one of the many ski resorts to do some backcountry skiing or snowshoeing. If that’s not really your scene, hiking Montana in the summer time offers gorgeous green hikes lined with vibrant wildflowers. What’s not to love?

hike Montana, hiking Montana

Unlimited Extreme Outdoor Adventure Opportunities

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then you’ll absolutely love the fact that Montana offers tons of opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether you prefer land or water activities (or both), there’s no limit as to what kind of fun you can have here. Choose from rafting or fly fishing, to wolf tracking and zip lining. There are many companies and organizations in the area that will lead you to the right activity.

Going-To-The-Sun Road

For those who like car camping and seeing the outdoors by car rather than on foot, you’ll love Going-To-The-Sun Road, one of the best parts of Montana. This gorgeous drive will take you across The Continental Divide. Pass through the incredible mountains and stop where you please to pitch your tent. It’ll make you fall in love with this state immediately.

Sure, there may be backcountry destinations that are more popular than Montana. But, we can assure you that you’ll want to get here before others do!

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