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Love the Backcountry is an online magazine providing outdoor lovers with resources, skills, information and advice to get outside and enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking, rock climbing, fishing and paddling. If it’s outside, we’re here to provide you with articles, videos and photos to help you get out there and do it more often and have more fun doing it.

Our Team

Love the Backcountry is a dream envisioned by Ian Campbell and his wife Lindsey as a result of their love for all things in the outdoors – backpacking, camping, hiking, road tripping, rock climbing, and more. Along with their dog Hunter, Ian and Lindsey chronicle their travels with articles, photographs, skill training and gear reviews.

Ian Campbell

Lindsey Campbell
Master iPhone Photographer

The Real Boss

Monica Lopez
Social Media Trailblazer
General Director of Getting Stuff Done

Phil Pelto
Fourteener Explorer
Go-Pro Photo Wizard


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