7 Easy Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

7 Easy Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

7 Easy Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples


Valentine’s Day isn’t the only winter day that’s worth making special with your other half, it’s time to set out on that incredible journey to go get your significant other that “gift” they’ll love. When shopping for outdoorsy people, it’s not always easy. Outdoorsy people tend to be minimalistic, and not really into “stuff” as much as they’re into experiences. That’s why you should consider going out and exploring instead of exchanging gifts.

So, without further ado, here are easy date ideas for outdoorsy couples.

1. Head to a Backcountry Ski Resort

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your regular backcountry adventures to something a bit nicer. While it’s certainly fun to get down and dirty in the wilderness, staying at a place that’s designed for tranquility, relaxation, and romance outdoors is a-okay in this situation.

2. Go Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing takes a lot of time a patience. Almost as much as planning an exciting date…This time around, take your date out on a snowshoeing adventure. Bring along a thermos filled with hot chocolate, a couple of cozy blankets, and enjoy the afternoon or early evening together on the trail.

Valentine's Day date ideas for outdoorsy couples

3. Cook a New Campfire Meal Together

Date night’s coming up soon? That means another excuse to head to the campground. If you’re going to be sleeping outdoors, you might want to go somewhere a bit warmer. Though, going somewhere that’s cold will give you all the more reason to cuddle up together. But, let’s get back to the main point; cooking up a campfire meal together! One that goes well with some wine, too!

4. A Puppy?

Alright, before you get carried away, “puppy” doesn’t have to mean a brand new pup adopted from the pound. Ideally, you and your significant other would already have a pet you share together. And, since your dog deserves love too, this is a great time to bring your pup outdoors on the trail with you!

5. Sunrise/Sunset Hike

Watching a sunrise or sunset together (or both) has always been a romantic date idea, and it still is. Most people in general, no matter how much they love the outdoors, just don’t really make enough time to catch a sunrise together. Change that soon!

Valentine's Day date ideas for outdoorsy couples

6. Just Sleep Outside

Getting outside as much as possible can be hard if you work a full schedule. This means you may just have to improvise a little bit. Take your tent, go into the backyard or a park nearby (one that allows camping, of course), bring your tablet (because, why not?) and watch movies until you fall asleep together.

7. Learn a New Backcountry Skill

Here’s another one if you don’t have too much time on your hands. Some couples like to take cooking classes so why can’t you two take a backcountry skills class? Local outdoor stores offer tons of classes on everything from starting a fire to navigating a map. Sign up together and turn this learning exercise into a date. And, if you can’t find a class, you can always hit up a rock climbing gym, sign up for a Meet Up group, or teach each other skills you’ve been meaning to show each other…whatever that may mean.

No plans yet? No excuses! There are tons of date ideas for outdoorsy couples right here. Plan yours, now!

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