These Backcountry Memory Ideas are Easier Than Pitching a Tent!

These Backcountry Memory Ideas are Easier Than Pitching a Tent!

These Backcountry Memory Ideas are Easier Than Pitching a Tent!


So, you’ve had a lot of awesome experiences outdoors this year, and you’re looking forward to what the next year will bring. As you become more accustomed to being outdoors, the amount of memories keep piling on. While they are all great memories, sometimes all our experiences get blurred into one. A hike you did a few months ago may get confused with another hike you did years ago.

So, how do you, for lack of a better word, “organize” your memories? If you want to be able to reminisce on your past hiking year, 2016, then these are some ways to do so. (And, if you didn’t take enough photos or videos this year, then get prepared for 2017!) ry out these backcountry memory ideas!

In the meantime, try out these backcountry memory ideas!

Put Together an “Outdoor-Friendly” Photo Album

Did you take a lot of photos during your camping trips or day hikes? Then it’s time to have them printed out so they don’t just stuck on a flashdrive forever. Get your favorite prints done and put them into an outdoorsy-themed album. That’s it! Ten minutes of your time means reminiscing on this year’s outdoor experiences for years to come.

Scrapbook Your Outdoor Adventures

What better way to reminisce on this year’s time outdoors by creating a scrapbook? A scrapbook is like a photo album, but a little less structured. Choose what photos you want to use, cut them out, and glue them onto decorative background pages. Add in your national park passes, receipts, permits, or whatever it is that you collected over your year outside, and stick them on the pages, too. Whenever you feel like revisiting your experiences, just open it up!

Fill an Empty Glass Frame with Pieces of the Trail

If you have a lot of “souvenirs” from your hikes outdoors but you don’t want to stow them in a scrapbook, there is an alternative. Buy an empty glass frame from any store nearby, and stick in all these little souvenirs. Add some outdoor stickers and pictures, and viola! You have yourself the perfect piece to remember 2016’s outdoor adventures, right up on your wall.

Design a Backcountry-Themed Memory Box

Memory boxes are a great way to, kind of, put away your favorite memories and surprise yourself with them years later. You can pick up a backcountry-themed memory box from anywhere, or get a plain one and decorate it yourself. Smack a 2016 sticker on it somewhere, and load it up with this year’s best backcountry memories!

Hang Up Polaroids Just Like Your Clothes at a Campsite

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Did you take some awesome polaroids this year? Then unlike other photos, get these out of the album and onto your wall! Take some string and clothespins, and hang your favorites in the living room, office, or bedroom. Now, you can always be reminded of your favorite moments out on the trail.

Customize Your Best Scenic Views on Canvases

So, maybe you weren’t so up on your photo-taking game this past year. We don’t blame you. That means you were probably too busy with whatever you were doing outdoors to take too many photos. And, that’s okay. But, nevertheless, you may have taken a few awesome shots when you reached the top of that mountain or when you caught a glimpse of some wildlife outside. Whatever that image may be, have it printed across two or three canvases and stick it on the wall of your favorite room in the house. Though we know it’s not quite the same as the real thing, it’s still pretty cool.

Make a Hiking Action Video

If you captured any awesome video clips of your outdoor experiences this past year, it’s time to do something with them. Whether you used a GoPro or another piece of technology (like maybe your smartphone), you can do a lot with it. Make a video just to remember, or post something online to attract people to the same trails and parks that you visited.

Don’t let those backcountry memories disappear. Just because 2016 is almost over, doesn’t mean you should forget it! Keep all those special moments alive by utilizing one of these ideas.

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