9 Things Women Who Hike Can Learn from Oprah’s Year of Adventure

9 Things Women Who Hike Can Learn from Oprah’s Year of Adventure

9 Things Women Who Hike Can Learn from Oprah’s Year of Adventure


Oprah Winfrey may be known for her sit-down comfy talk shows. But, this year, she’s getting outside for more. While she may have given her fans a lot to think about over the last thirty years, now it’s time for her to learn a few things about herself. And, for women everywhere to learn from her, too!

2017 will be Oprah’s #Yearofadventure, a huge theme for her O! magazine. For ladies out there (and men who love Oprah!), take a look see and what her mission can teach you.

1. No Hiking Destination is Too Cliche

Have you ever felt like you didn’t want to visit a place just because it’s too popular? Are you worried about too many crowds of tourists, wannabe hikers, or the entire thing just being a cliche? Forget about it! To kick start her Year of Adventure, Oprah when to visit the Grand Canyon. Sure, it might be touristy, but there’s a first time for everything. If you haven’t gone, go! And, that goes for any other “typical” place, too. Who cares what people think? They may have been there, but now it’s your turn.

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2. Take Pictures Whenever You Can

One reason women who hike love to get outside is to be with nature. Women who work, take care of children, study in school, are kick-ass business owners, AND still have time for their hobbies, are amazing. And, those who make time to get outside and hike are even more incredible. While one point of hiking is to, of course, escape the distractions, there’s nothing wrong with catching a few photos with your smartphone while you’re at it! Oprah did it…

3. Age is Only a Number

Oprah is 62 and still going on outdoor adventures. What’s your excuse? Age is merely a number. Don’t let it stop you from getting outside and hitting the trail.

4. Hiking is a Great Way to Lose Weight and Feel Great

While Oprah may have lost a lot of weight from joining Weight Watchers, let’s not forget her Year of Adventure reminds us to stay fit and be healthy. Without worrying about the size of your hiking pants, spending time outdoors can really do wonders for your body both physically and mentally.

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5. Women Are Just as Physically Strong and Capable

Yes, we already know. Why wouldn’t women be just as strong and capable as their male counterparts?

But, in a world where even hiking gear is geared more towards men than women, it’s hard to stay motivated. But, just remember that Oprah was able to carry her bag and her friend’s bag on her first trip to the Grand Canyon in 1993! (See below). Imagine holding all that weight and still kickin’ butt?!

6. Be Fearless

According to ET, when Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend talked about her experience outdoors with her, she called Oprah “fearless.” She said, “She got right on the edge and looked over. I’m the one standing in the background going, ‘No! Be careful!” While we don’t recommend standing near any edges, women who hike know all too well that you mustn’t let fear overtake you while on the trail.

7. You Can Have Adventure Anywhere, Anytime

So, let’s be realistic. O.W may have a lot more money than most of us. This means she can probably travel to where she wants, when she wants. But, remember, you don’t need a lot of money to go hiking. Your Year of Adventure could be visiting more state parks, hitting up local trails, camping in your backyard, and making the most of the places around you. But, side note: Canada’s national parks will be free this year, in case your concern is money.

8. There’s Nothing Wrong with Having Someone Support You

This may be Oprah’s Year of Adventure, but we can tell you she’s not going at it alone. Her long time boyfriend, Stedman Graham, has been with her through many of her outdoor (and life) adventures. We’re not saying you need a man or woman to support you. But, if you do, all the better! Of course, having good hiking buddies to keep you company outside isn’t a bad thing, either!

9. It’s Never Too Late to “Change Your Direction”

If you haven’t been the outdoorsy type until now, don’t fret! There’s always time to change direction in your life….even if it’s something as little as going left instead of right. It’s never too late to get out there and start exploring. For one person it could be something as simple as hiking a trail for the first time. For others, it could be changing your lifestyle so you can be outdoors permanently.

Oprah is having her #Yearofadventure. Why not start yours?

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