This Gear Can Simplify Your Car Camping Experience

This Gear Can Simplify Your Car Camping Experience

This Gear Can Simplify Your Car Camping Experience


One of the reasons car camping is always a good time is because you can minimize the stress when it comes to bringing all of your gear for car camping. Basically, whatever fits in the car can come to the campground with you. That being said, once you’ve got the essentials, there will hopefully be space for some extras. And, this gear can really make your car camping experience that much simpler.

Gear for Car Camping: Camoflouge Changing Tent

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Car camping allows you to bring a lot more gear with you. One of these items of gear for car camping should be none other than this camouflage changing tent. While it might sound a bit unnecessary, have you actually ever tried to change your clothes in a car, or a tent for that matter? It’s not easy, or private, whatsoever.

A camouflage changing tent is exactly as it sounds; a pop-up tent that will keep you covered even when you’re sharing your campsite with another group. It’s also perfect for taking showers or using the toilet, which unless you have an RV, won’t be that easy while car camping.

Best of all, this tent is nice and tall, so you won’t have to worry about bumping your head like you would if you were changing in your car. And, it’s collapsible, so it won’t take up too much space in the trunk.

Price: $39.99

Gear for Car Camping: Collapsible Cook Station

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More space in your car means more room for a mess or disorganization. Don’t be one of those camping families. Keep everything beautifully organized. The last thing you want to do when you get to your campsite is start saying, “Where did I put this? And this? Oh no, I think it’s at home!” And so on, and so forth, to the point where dinner gets put off a few hours.

Instead, get the Fold Up Cook Station. This little gear for car camping gift from the heavens will keep all your camp kitchen tools organized in a beautiful stack, so you can have everything you need right underneath you. It allows you to literally bring your kitchen to the outdoors. And, it folds up so you can still see out your back window.

Price: $69.99

Gear for Car Camping: Edible Cutlery

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Mmm…what’s that smell? Smells like edible cutlery! Yes, that’s right. A recent Kickstarter campaign has given birth to Bakey’s Edible Cutlery. It was originally started as an initiative to end India’s plastic pollution problem and since has captivated eco-friendly enthusiasts worldwide. Now, when you’re done with your meal, just eat your spoon! Dishes are done AND you’re saving the environment. It’s a win-win!

Price: 275 Indian Rupees…about $4.

Gear for Car Camping: Fire-Starting Kit

gear for car camping, car camping, gear

While learning how to start a fire is one of the basics of camping, not everyone who car camps is so familiar with the task. There are a lot of techniques and materials that go into it, that can just make it a hassle for the person in charge.

But, why make it difficult when you can just get Light My Fire FireLighting Kit? This set of gear for car camping has everything you need to start a fire the simple way. According to the site, this product has “all you need to get your campfire going and hot dogs cooking.” Well, that sounds good to us!

Price: $18.35

Gear for Car Camping: Hammock Straps

If you’re not familiar with hammock straps, they are an excellent piece of gear for car camping. They allow you to stretch any hammock between any two trees, no matter how far apart or wide the trees are. No more relying on “one-size-fits-all” hammocks.

And, when it comes to hammock straps, it’s good to be a little picky. We did some research, and MalloMe hammock straps are a great option for car campers who want to have the “flexibility” (no pun intended) to take a load off wherever their campsite is. You can use these straps anywhere because they are sturdy and hold over 400 kgs; perfect for your entire car camping group. They’re also eco-friendly because they don’t hurt the trees they’re strapped around.

Price: $22.99.

This gear will make your car camping experience even more simple and enjoyable. Get one of these (or all of them) now!

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