The 7 Best First-Aid Kits on the Market

The 7 Best First-Aid Kits on the Market

The 7 Best First-Aid Kits on the Market


One of the most essential parts of backpacking is safety and a first-aid kit. A first-aid kit comes with nearly everything you need in case you come across problems while on the trail. All first-aid kits generally come with the same materials, but it’s important that there’s also space for you to add in extra items in case you require more of something. A first aid kid can be purchased all ready to go, or you can create a DIY first-aid kit at home. Before you choose, check out these products first.

1. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .5

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For casual adventures like a day hike, the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight is the safest way to go. This is a top rated first-aid kit that comes with all you need and more, inside a very lightweight bag. All the items are the same as a regular first-aid kit, but because it’s ultralight, some of the items do come in less quantity. However, that’s great news for someone who wants to travel light. For it’s weight, it’s one of the most useful first-aid kits on the market today.

Price: $17.00

2. Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker

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This is another extremely lightweight first-aid kit that will fit in your bag without you even noticing it’s there. The Lifeline Trail Light Dayhiker will help you when common problems like blisters, scrapes, and headaches may arise during your hike. It has all the basic necessities, along with a few extra goodies. It’s cheap and completely reliable, though not recommended for those longer trips you may be going on.

Price: $9.99

3. REI Backpacker Extended

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If you like the supplies in your first-aid kit to be neatly organized and easily accessible, then the REI Backpacker Extended is the kit for you. You’ll love everything about the look and feel of this multi-day first-aid kit, in addition to the fact that what’s inside can really help you out. If you plan on going on a longer hike with some of your hiking buddies, then this kit will be great for your group. It even comes with a smaller bag inside in case you leave your campsite to go on a simple day hike. It might be a little more expensive, but you can split the costs with your mates.

Price: $54.50

4. Hikers First Aid Kit

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You might not see this on the top gear websites, but it’s definitely just as good. The Hikers First Aid Kit from comes with the most important first-aid supplies right inside a comfortable fanny pack. Okay, so you don’t actually need to wear this fanny pack on your person while hiking, but you can be sure it will fit nicely in your backpack. It’s simple, but handy in case an injury occurs on the trail. And, it’s very affordable!

Price: $13.41

5. The Complete First Aid Kit

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This one might be a little old-school, but there’s nothing wrong with being safe than sorry. For those who do a lot of camping, especially those who RV or go with their families, then consider keeping The Complete First Aid Kit on deck. This classic kit is made in the U.S.A, and includes Save-A-Tooth, in case anyone has to face such a misfortune while on the trail. The case might not be as versatile as other on the list, but that’s why it’s a great option for stationary camping.

Price: $39.95

6. Mountain Series Fundamentals

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For those extended excursions or hiking in extreme weather conditions you have planned this year, get yourself the Mountain Series Fundamentals first-aid kit. It’s also a great option for people who are leading hiking groups and need to make sure everyone is safe. The tools inside can treat anything from irrigate wounds and fractures, to illnesses and major discomforts. The kit also comes with instructions in case you need assistance in helping someone.

Price: $110

7. Homemade First-Aid Kits

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One of the best first-aid kits is one you can make yourself. It’s a great option because you can customize the kit to have everything you need, and leave behind or reduce items that you won’t need. (Of course, the point of a first-aid kit is for those unpredictable situations.) You can also change up your first-aid kit depending on what kind of adventures you’ll be going on, and how long each trek will be. Some items to include in your homemade first-aid kit are:

  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Caladryl Clear and cotton balls
  • Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Imodium, and any other pills you think you might need
  • Band-aids, larger bandages, and gauze pads
  • Medical tape or duct tape
  • Non-latex gloves (to help someone who is injured and might have an allergy to latex)
  • A cutting tool (might already be in your backpack)
  • Safety pins
  • Water purification tablets
  • A lighter
  • A safety blanket (this can go in your backpack)
  • Purell
  • Sunscreen

If you’re going to forget anything at home before you hiking trip, don’t let it be the first-aid kit! While it’s super easy to make your own first-aid kit at home, those who don’t have the time can shop for other kits on this list. 

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