Getting Itchy…

Getting Itchy…

Getting Itchy…


Its an itch, sort of like that one that you get now and again that you just cant seem to scratch. It keeps moving around as you keep scratching after it. Its a pull to do something, get out some where and see something wild or venture so far from society that you would be lost if it weren’t for the hopefully little sort of obvious trail you are following. It’s an itch that you will forever have after your first real no kidding backpacking trip. You, with maybe a significant other or friend(s), or all alone, in the middle of no where.  With no one to text… or facebook… or snapchat.  No one to see your dinner or what clothes you’re wearing, no one to save you if you need help.

The first parts are pretty scary things to a lot of people these days.  Those out there scared to leave technology and enter back into sync with nature in a real way first have to be willing to ditch some stuff.  But once you have conquered those first few fears you will be rewarded greatly, with an itch that will become extremely hard to scratch.  One that will hit you Tuesday afternoon while sitting at work in the office, or in my case FedEx truck.  Our day jobs, the things that hold us back from getting out there whenever we want.  Now by this point your saying what the heck is this guy talking about, whats he hooked on that he can’t manage to take care of it by just chilling at home or playing on the internet?  As stated earlier, backpacking, real no kidding middle of absolute no where backpacking.

Some people like camping, others hate it.  Some (like myself) grew up camping often but never went backpacking.  And some out there enjoy glamping, you know the awesome RV or hotel and stuff.  All of those options are all equally good.  But putting everything you would need to survive for a few days on your back, setting out with hopefully a goal or amazing location in mind,  and hopefully not being eaten by a bear or big foot or I don’t know abducted by aliens, is a whole different experience.  You’re forced to reckon with the reality that nature is not tamed, and being eight miles from the nearest deserted road could put you in a tough spot if something happened.  If you forget your utensils (Like we did on our first trip, my fault) you better hope you can think of something to eat that food with quick.  If not its going to get cold quick and you’re gonna end up using your hands.  In our case I used a cardboard tag that was still on one of our pillows to make a spoon and it worked out.  You are going to have to think quick on your feet, and your going to be on the literal edge of your seat the entire time.  Why you may ask?  Because you are only able to rely on yourself and anyone who may be with you.  And with that being the case the adrenaline rush is a whole different style, better hope you get that tent set up before that massive thunder head unleashes its payload on you.  Or any of the other million possibilities that could happen out there.  These things however help to bring us back, back to the nature we once so loved and relied on.

The adventure is going to be so alluring after your first trip that you’re going to be planning next weekends trip on the ride home from the one you just finished.  You’re going to be in the beginning of your work week thinking of the next piece of gear you need and whether you want to hit some awesome granite peaks or see some gorgeous water falls.  And as you go on these adventures your going to realize that coming back to nature, getting back in sync with nature, it’s an itch that is going to be pretty tough to scratch.

Especially on that Tuesday afternoon in the office..And since you are in that office you can check out my photography and adventures at my website and make sure to follow along at  I want to hear about your first trip!

Forrest Setnor You can see more of Forrests' work and posts from his adventures in the outdoors at his website And make sure to follow him on instagram @forrest.b.setnor_photography Growing up with a very outdoorsy lifestyle with a lot of campground camping, hunting and fishing, it was only natural to fall into full on backpacking. We (my girlfriend and I) officially started backpacking last year(2015). As someone who works 50+ hours a week getting out into the deep back country is my relaxation and refueling time. As a photographer who loves shooting nature and landscapes the two naturally go hand in hand so our adventuring serves multiple purposes!