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Ian Campbell is the founder of Love the Backcountry, a freelance writer and a long time lover of adventure travel based in San Diego, CA. When not writing about the backcountry, he can typically be found hiking, backpacking and camping in the mountains around San Diego and looking to lay his head beneath as many trees as he can find.

Tips for Hiking with Chronic Back Pain

Four out of five Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives making it one of the most common physical health problems in the United States. Some causes of back pain are inevitable such as aging or genetics, but other causes can be avoided such as injury and strain. Luckily, there […]

Best Hikes & Trails in The Twin Cities

Residents of the Twin Cities are known for their love of the outdoors. Both Minneapolis and Saint Paul are close in proximity to several lakes, wildlife areas and sit along the Mississippi River. This has led to the Twin Cities frequently topping lists of the fittest cities in America. If you are looking for an […]

The Ultimate Guide to Car Camping

Whether you’re planning to share a favorite outdoor hobby with your child or just looking to get them in the fresh air, it’s hard to beat the memories you can make on a camping trip. Getting in the outdoors creates quality time you just can’t get at home. Before you can start roasting marshmallows and […]

Youth Involvement Leads to Improved Trail Resources

Ingrid Phillips, an avid hiker, backpacker, and sea kayaker, is a sophomore at Stanwood high school, and member of WTA’s 2016-2017 Youth Ambassador cohort. Mrs. Anderton and her class pose in front of an informational sign at a Camano Island trailhead. Photo by Twin City Elementary Staff. by Ingrid Phillips For my Youth Ambassador project, […]

Zapata Falls

Even rushing water can feel serene out in the woods #lovethebackcountry

Meet The Savvy Hiker

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Jessica Martin, the founder of The Savvy Hiker. After learning about her business, I asked her if we could do a profile about her and The Savvy Hiker. Here’s what she shared with me. Can you tell us a little about you and your organization? Raised in East […]

Zapata Falls

#Backcountry mornings…nothing quite like them 🙂

Stay Park City’s Top Hiking and Biking Trails

Stay Park City isn’t just about booking hotels and recommending restaurants. We’re all major outdoor enthusiasts with years of Park City hiking and biking experience. We think everyone should know where to find the best trails in Park City, and made this list just for you. Even more resources are available on our trails page. […]

Kitchen Creek Waterfalls

I have somewhat conflicting feelings about #cairns on the #trail. They can be super helpful (ex. They helped me find my destination today) but at the same time can be a distraction and somewhat of a #leavenotrace problem. What are your thoughts?