8 Must-Have Gear for Kids Who Hike

8 Must-Have Gear for Kids Who Hike

8 Must-Have Gear for Kids Who Hike


If you’re thinking of bringing the children along for a backcountry adventure, there’s a lot of gear they’re going to want and need. Unlike adults, kids aren’t able to carry the same amount of heavy equipment. However, if kids see their parents holding awesome gear, they are going to want to join the bandwagon. Getting children their own gear is a great way for them to get excited about the outdoors, while also teaching them independence and responsibility required for the trail.

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The Osprey Ace 50 Youth

If you love and trust your Osprey backpack, then you can feel comfortable getting the Osprey Ace 50 Youth for your child. This backpack is extremely lightweight and sized appropriately for children. Though it’s small, this backpack holds up to 50 L and is a great companion for longer excursions. It provides nice ventilation, an easily adjustable harness, and has just as many compartments as an adult bag, including a spot to store wet clothes. There are also pockets on the hip belt so kids can have easy access to whatever gadgets they want to put inside of them.

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The Camelbak Trailblazer

For day hikes, kids can leave the Osprey Ace 50 Youth at home at bring along the Camelbak Trailblazer. Camelbaks have always been the go-to bag for the day trail, and kids will feel like true explorers with this backpack. The best part of the Camelbak is of course the compartment for the water bladder, so kids can have fun drinking through a straw. It also has a chest strap with a whistle, and it’s made with extra padding and foam for the right comfort. Parents will like the reflectors on the front of this bag that’ll keep your kid safe during night hikes.

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Vasque Breeze Hiking Boots

There are a lot of hiking boots and shoes out there for children, but just like adult hiking boots, there are some that are rated more highly than others. In this case, get your kid the Vasque Breeze 2.0 Waterproof Hiking Boots. This is a lightweight, breathable boot that will be your kid’s best friend when he or she is hiking on the trail. The EVA footbeds will provide excellent comfort and support for their feet. They look pretty cool, too!

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Children’s Hurricane 3 Teva Sandals

While hiking boots are great for longer, more strenuous hikes, sometimes it’s just too hot for a kid’s feet to be suffocated by shoes. That’s where the Children’s Hurricane 3 Teva Sandals come in. Teva is the ideal sandal for the outdoors, and your child will love the Hurricane 3 and all the fun colors it comes in. These are waterproof shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and great for the summer time.

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The North Face Resolve Reflective Rain Jacket

For those rainy days in the outdoors, your child is going to need a rain jacket. The North Face Resolve Reflective has incredible reviews and comes in styles for both boys and girls. In addition to the cool colors kids can choose from, these jackets are made from The North Face DryVent, to keep the jacket waterproof and breathable. There are elastic cuffs and a stow away hood, as well as zippered pockets. There are reflective logos to increase visibility, so you’ll love this jacket as much as they do.

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Eureka! Sleeping Bag

Some will argue whether or not bring a sleeping bag for a child is worth it. However, if you’re going on a bit of a longer trip and your child is keen to carry his or her own sleeping bag, then get a kid’s sleeping bag from Eureka!. There are many to choose from, including the Lady Bug Sleeping Bag, the Grasshopper Sleeping Bag, the Azalea, and the Lightning Bug, depending on what you kid’s preference is for style and color. These are lightweight sleeping bags with tough insulation to keep children warm when the temperature drops at night.

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Sunday Afternoons Hat

A child must have sun protection in the outdoors. In addition to sunscreen and maybe even a pair of sunglasses, the best thing you can do to protect your child’s head is to get him or her a hat. Sometimes kids feel uncomfortable with wearing something like this, but the Sunday Afternoons Hat comes in so many colors and designs that they can choose from. This hat provides the right protection from the sun and an adjustable cord strap so you can be sure it stays on their head!

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Camelbak eddy .75 L Water-Bottle

If this is a longer hike where you can’t bring your Camelbak Trailblazer along, then you can have your kid at least bring the Camelbak eddy water bottle. Kids will love the different colors this bottle comes in, and parents can let their kids play outdoors, knowing they are getting the right amount of water during the hike.

Before bringing your kid along for a hike, make sure they have all the necessary gear!

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