How To Create Your Campsite Living Room

How To Create Your Campsite Living Room

How To Create Your Campsite Living Room


It’s no question that a camping trip in the great outdoors is a chance for people to connect with nature and disconnect from distractions. That being said, one reason people might avoid camping is because it’s too uncomfortable compared to what they’re used to at home. For those who want to camp but still want the comforts of home, there are ways to turn your tent into your campsite living room. Follow this guide, and you’ll be on your way to lounging in the outdoors in no time!

Splurge on a Big Tent

For those who need more space to be comfortable, consider getting a larger tent for you and your group. While you should definitely not spent your entire time inside this luxurious house-on-the-go, it’s a way to make the outdoors a bit more interesting. It’s also a way to invite all your close friends and family, without having to fight over space in the tent. Consider the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent to deck out your campsite.

Tie Up Some Hammocks

There’s nothing that compares to chillin’ in your living room like having a place to relax and lie down. Without recommending that you bring your sofa or loveseat outside, you can create your campsite living room by bringing along a few cool hammocks. There are some pretty fancy hammocks out there, especially for backpackers who want to use one as a replacement for a tent. But, you can just get the Traveller from Byer of Maine, or something colorful from Hammock Bliss. Nothing like “exterior” decorating in the outdoors!

Get Some Fold Up Tables

If your living room at home has a snack table, so should your campsite living room. This is especially because you’ll be eating a lot more food while you’re camping than you might normally do on the occasional movie night or sporting event at your house. Order the Helinox Table One to make outdoor snacking simple.

Bring Game Night to the Outdoors

Camping is a great time to have a traditional game night. There’s nothing that brings together people more than hanging out next to the campfire while laughing over a fun game. Try games like Set, Catch Phrase or Apples to Apples. Of course, you can always leave the board games behind and play charades, mafia, or assassins.

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Make it Simple for the Kids

The living room is also known as the “family room” in some households. Bringing kids along camping can be an awesome experience, but it can also be difficult; especially when you don’t have the conveniences of home easily accessible. Uncommon Goods has a bunch of cool things to make camping with kids easy, whether it be the Backcountry Journal or the Construction Plate & Utensils.

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Attach an Awning

If you’re stretching your car camping experience to an RV camping experience, many come with an awning that can serve as your cozy shelter for your campsite living room. There are detachable camp awnings you can also get if you happen to not have one. Like your living room, one of these can help provide shade during the hotter months, or block off a little drizzle.

Deck Out with Camplights

Nothing makes your campsite living room more cool than some awesome camp lights. We’re not just talking about lanterns and flashlights, but some pretty groovy string lights to decorate your campsite with. Camping World sells sweet lights for your campsite living room, so you can deck out your outdoor chill spot just like your finished basement.

Get Some Cool Gadgets

Having a campsite living room is the perfect excuse to get yourself cool outdoor gadgets. There’s no limit on the interesting gadgets you can get for your camping adventure, but here’s a few to get you started. How about these deodorizing body wipes for an easy outdoor shower? Try the IceMule Coolers to have a cold one on the ready. Purchase the Ion Snapcam to take great pictures of your camping weekend, which you can later hang up in your real living room.

You shouldn’t pass up camping just because it’s not what you’re used to. Camping can be done in any way you prefer. Having the gear to create your perfect campsite living room is the best way to enjoy camping to the fullest.

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