New Gear to Look Out for in 2016

New Gear to Look Out for in 2016

New Gear to Look Out for in 2016


A new year means more hiking goals, and with that, new gear to keep an eye out for. These days, technology is expanding quickly, and more and more useful gear and equipment for the trails are hitting the stores. With all that’s out there, it’s important to know what’s worth buying:

Arc’teryx Acrux AR BootArc’teryx Acrux AR Boot

One of the most important items that every backpacker needs is a good pair of hiking boots. Too many people get overwhelmed by all the options that are out there, and often make mistakes when buying. While it’s crucial to have a pair of boots that are comfortable, they also should be reliable when weather’s unpredictable. The Arc’teryx Acrux AR Boot does the job of your most comfy hiking boot, but is designed to be able to conquer ice fields and heavy mountaineering. It fits snug to your feet, with a waterproof zipper case around it that makes the outer part removable.

Price: $750

Sierra Designs Ultralight TrenchUL Trench Rainwear

Finding raingear that keeps you dry on the outside and the inside can be near to impossible. While there are some excellent rainwear products out there, teams are still trying to come up with a comfortable solution to a common problem: how to provide backpackers with a rainjacket that’s breathable. Well, Sierra Designs may have found an answer for 2016 in their airflow rainwear, which functions by letting air literally flow underneath the jacket and into your torso. The Ultralight Trench is just one of the many new designs out there.

Price: $179

Origina; Explorer TentOriginal Explorer Tent

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring tents everywhere you look? Then check out the Original Explorer Tents by Field Candy, who realized that if you’re an artsy individual, there’s no reason to leave your personality back home. In addition to looking cool, it fits 2-3 people, has the traditional A-frame construction, and it’s super lightweight. It’s perfect for a short hiking trip in mild weather, as it’s waterproof and UV fade resistant. Get yours before they run out!

Price: $435

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Camper SV

If you like the comfort of a mattress while on the trail but hate taking the time to inflate one and deflate it, then you’ll like the Therm-a-Rest by Cascade Designs. This item lets you forget about the the stresses that come with setting up a camp, so you have more time to actually rest. The speed valve allows it to be blown up much faster than your average mat, and you can also the firmness to your liking. You’ll feel right at home, even when you’re in the middle of the wilderness.

Price: $140

2-burner stove ONJAPrimus Onja Briefcase Camp Stove

Okay, so this may be one of those items that you may not necessarily need, though once you hear about it you’re definitely going to want it. The Primus Onja Briefcase Camp Stove is just as it sounds; a stove that folds up into a briefcase. It comes with two burners, and the top can be used as a cutting board. When you’re finished cooking, just fold it up and you’re ready to go back out into your outdoor office. While it may not be ideal for a long backpacking trip, it’s the hottest thing for 2016 and any outdoorsy person should bring it out camping at least once.

VSSLVSSL Supplies Survival Kit

Tools for survival are imperative when heading out on a long hike into the back country. However, it can sometimes be a pain to gather everything you may potentially need, without it taking up too much space in your bag. The best solution to this problem (and also because it’s just really cool), is the VSSL Supplies Survival Kit, which has all the necessary tools in one aluminum pipe. This kit weighs a little more than a pound, but will surprise you with all it has inside.

Price: $99.50

Baltoro 75 GZBaltoro 75 GZ Solar-Powered Backpack

If you do happen to be the type of hiker that likes to utilize high-tech gear and gadgets, then this new backpack is for you. The solar panel on the back will not only keep your neck warm while hiking, but it will also charge up anything you have inside. You’ll never have to worry about bringing chargers anymore. The Baltoro 75 GZ is based off another design, but the creators just wanted to add a little more future to the 2016 model. Not only is it awesome, the bag has all the comfort, space, and sturdiness that a backpacker needs.

Price: $250

‘World’s Most Advanced Base Layer’

The winter still has quite a while to go, and it’s best to be prepared for that cold weather that’s remaining in 2016. Figuring out how to stay warm can be difficult, but investing in this base layer by Patagonia will guarantee that you stay toasty. The yarn used in manufacturing the new Merino Air line has been pressurized, and when it’s released, it provides a soft, stretchy, and protective layer to wear beneath your other clothing. That being said, the material is still breathable so you won’t feel too hot.

Price: $130

With all this new gear on the market for 2016, don’t wait until it’s too late to get yours!

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