You’ll Want to Check Out These Snowshoes for Kids

You’ll Want to Check Out These Snowshoes for Kids

You’ll Want to Check Out These Snowshoes for Kids


The wonderful thing about a sport like snowshoeing is that it’s fun for all abilities and ages. For kids who might not be quite ready for skiing, snowboarding, or intense backcountry hiking, snowshoeing is an excellent alternative. In general, snowshoeing is the perfect way to experience the outdoors without too much of a hassle. Here are some of the best snowshoes for kids. Make sure you get your kid a pair!

Snowshoes for Kids | Lucky Bums Youth Shoes

snowshoes for kids

These Lucky Bum showshoes for kids are great at one thing; making sure your baby doesn’t fall on his or her own bum! No, but really. These snowshoes are made with a solid and reliable aluminum frame, with kid-friendly bindings that won’t leave your child uncomfortable. The crampons provide solid traction on the snow, and are flexible to your child’s walking style.

Price: $64.00 (price ranges with size)

Snowshoes for Kids | Winterial Pika Kids Snowshoes

snowshoes for kids

This brand may not be as well known as others on the list, but the Winterial Pika Kids Snowshoes definitely should be. These snowshoes for kids are ultralight while still retaining their good, sturdy quality. It’s great for children ages 5-11, who may be new to snowshoeing but don’t want to feel left out. The super-cool color is something the kids will love, while the adjustable straps and comfort is something parents will appreciate.

Price: $62.00

Snowshoes for Kids | MSR Tyker Snowshoe

snowshoes for kids

MSR is a snowshoe maker adults love, and that kids will grow to love in no time. The MSR Tyker snowshoes will fit pretty much any pair of hiking boots. The parent-friendly traction bars help keep you and your child’s snowshoe experience extra safe, without compromising the capabilities of that traction. In this awesome fire-engine red color, you can also be sure your kid can be seen from far away.

Price: $59.95

Snowshoes for Kids | ALPS Lightweight Snowshoes

snowshoes for kids

Whether your child is still your little baby or they are your “big baby” (echem…a teenager), the ALPS Lightweight Snowshoes are the way to go. These snowshoes for kids come in sizes for all young people. They go on as easily as a pair of roller blades, and their aluminum alloy construction will take your child places. (Without taking them too far out of your sight, of course.) These are also a very great deal because they come with anti-shock snowshoe poles.

Price: $65.99

Snowshoes for Kids | Flashtek Snowshoes

snowshoes for kids

Do you want your kids to love adventure as much as you do? Then your kids will need the Flashtek Snowshoes to carry them with confidence through the backcountry. These simple but handy snowshoes for kids are great for boys and girls, with bright colors that will make them stand out on the trail. They also come with a nylon carrying case so your kid can bring their new favorite gear item wherever they go! And, best part for parents? These babies are nice and cheap!

Price: $29.99

Snowshoes for Kids | Tubbs Kids’ Snowflake Showshoes

snowshoes for kids

There’s no doubt that when you hear the name “Tubbs” you know you’re getting something good for the outdoors. And, when it comes to your kids, you can’t settle for anything less than great. The Tubbs Kids’ Snowflake Snowshoes scream “fun” as soon as you set eyes on them. They’re ideal for younger kids that can’t be bothered with confusing and complicating bindings. They’re as easy as 1,2,3!

Price: $39.95

Don’t let your child go into the backcountry unprepared. Get him or her one of these reliable pairs of snowshoes which they’ll absolutely love!

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