10 Fitness Gear Items for the Trail

10 Fitness Gear Items for the Trail

10 Fitness Gear Items for the Trail


There are hikers, and then there are fitness hikers. While regular hikers are concerned with packing the basics for a hiking trip, fitness hikers need to also make sure they have the best gear to aid their workouts. If you’re looking to get much more out of your hike by incorporating a fitness plan in, then you might want to take a few extra things along for the trip. These gear items are great for all fitness hikers, and will definitely make you much more prepared and comfortable:

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Fitness Tracker:

A fitness tracker is a necessary gear item, especially if you want to be able to keep tabs on your progress. There are many good fitness trackers out there, and they all come with virtually the same features. However, some will be pricier than others, and may come with additional abilities.

Many fitness hikers choose to go with the Fitbit brand for reliability and comfort, while others may go with Garmin to have better data management. Fitness trackers usually start at $100, and good ones will do everything from measuring your steps and calculating your sleep, to monitoring your heart and syncing with your smartphone.

Supportive Eyewear:

Getting your fitness hike on means that there’s very little time to keep adjusting the sunglasses on your face. If you’re working out, there’s a good chance you’re glasses are going to fall off, too. Get a pair of sunglasses or sports goggles that will protect your eyes and stay on your head.

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A Breathable T-Shirt:

Just hiking by itself can cause you to sweat a lot. Adding workouts to your hike will have you sweating even more. It’s important to get a tee that will let your body breathe, that feels comfortable, light, and flexible when you move. There are a lot of good tees out for men and women which are purposefully designed for fitness hikers (and look cool). Get any T-shirt from Under Armour to have guaranteed comfort. 


Running Shorts:

Along with a comfortable t-shirt, it’s also important to have a good pair of shorts. While we all know not to wear daisy dukes or cargos in the great outdoors, there are certain shorts that are ideal for outdoor fitness. You want to find something that will ultimately prevent chaffing and stickiness. For men, go for the North Face Kilowatt Shorts and for ladies, the Brooks Sherpa Running Shorts.

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A Sturdy Pair of Trail-Runners:

Though a good pair of hiking boots is always a good idea when hitting the trail, they might not be so comfortable if you plan on doing workouts and sprints. You need a comfortable pair of trail shoes. This way, you can be sure blisters and any other discomfort, like heat, won’t get in the way of you achieving your fitness goals. A good pair of trail-runners has terrain-grabbing lugs, and companies like Merrell, Inov8, Adidas, and New Balance are a good place to start.


Good Socks:

The only thing worse than an uncomfortable pair of hiking shoes is an even more uncomfortable pair or socks. If you’re going to be doing some regular hiking through the backcountry, then it’s important you have socks that will do their job, based on the weather, the intensity, and the environment you will be in.

Socks are also supposed to protect your skin. Sometimes, these socks do just as good of a job as protecting your feet as they do suffocating them. If you’re going to be doing fitness hiking, you’re going to be sweating and moving your feet a lot more. Get a good pair of running socks like the New Balance Technical Elite NBx, or Injinji Performance 2.0 Trail to keep your feet and skin comfortable.

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A Easy-Access Water Bottle:

All hikers need to have a good water bottle as well as a means of purifying water. However, if you’re working on your fitness, then it’s likely you want to skip the amount of time it takes you to purify the water, and just do it in one shot. Of course, if you’re doing a day hike, then you can just bring filtered water from back home. If you’re going for longer, then consider something like the Sawyer Squeeze.


Any type of hiking can make your muscles sore. If you’re taking your hike to a whole new level by adding in some fitness routines, then you might find yourself to be way more sore. Bring along some Icy-Hot to help relax your muscles after a long day working them out.

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A Sweat Towel:

If you don’t need a sweat towel during your fitness hike, then you aren’t working hard enough. While you could just grab any hand towel from your linen closet, there’s nothing quite like a good cooling towel. Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel is just one of the brands out there that not only cleans you off, but keeps you cooler for longer when it gets wet.

A Hat or Headband:

There’s nothing worse than your hair getting into your hair in your eyes when you’re trying to have a meaningful workout. Wearing a hat, visor, or hairband is a gear item that will not only keep you from being annoyed, but will also keep you cool.

Don’t be unprepared for your fitness hike! Get these gear items to make the most of your workout on the trail.  

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