The 11 Best Cooking Tools for the Trail

The 11 Best Cooking Tools for the Trail

The 11 Best Cooking Tools for the Trail


Nowadays, there are some awesome cooking tools out there that are going to make you love cooking in the backcountry. While it’s preferable to bring less items than more during your hike, there’s no shame in having a few extra gadgets to add some life to your camp kitchen. Buy up one of these cool cooking tools and you’ll never look at outdoor cooking as a hassle ever again!:

BioLite Campstove:

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While there are many great campstoves on the market, none are quite as amazing as the BioLite Campstove. This alternative-fuel stove is extremely lightweight and compact, and only requires scraps of wood and even mulch to heat up. While you’re doing that, the stove uses the heat energy to charge up your gadgets. Cool? You bet!

Price: $150

FireStar Fire Piston:

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If you like cooking the old-fashioned way with just a fire, then consider adding the Firestar Fire Piston to your collection of cooking tools. Just gather the wood you need for your fire, and use this baby to ignite a flame instantaneously.

Price: $59.95

Jaws Pot Lifter:

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Especially if you’re going to be cooking over a fire, it’s likely that your portable, aluminum backpacking pots aren’t going to have many safe places to grip onto. That’s where the Aluminum Pot Lifter comes in. This practical, yet brilliant cooking tool makes it super easy to lift up a hot pot or pan without any mishaps.

Price: $8.31

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink:

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A long backpacking trip means your going to have to wash those dirty dishes each time after use. This can be a real pain in the neck, unless of course you have the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink. This useful cooking tool is a portable sink that allows backpackers to do their chores easily. It comes in 5L, 10L, and 20L sizes, and folds up nicely when you’re done using it.

Price: $19.95

Pocket Wilderness Wash:

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You might have a sink to wash those dishes, but what about dish detergent? That’s something you definitely don’t want to have to carry around with you when you backpack. Luckily, the Pocket Wilderness Wash is an innovative cooking tool that allows you to bring dish detergent right in your pocket! This soap can be used for washing dishes as well as fabrics or even your body!

Price: $4.50

Handpresso Wild Hybrid:

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There are some gadgets that are rather unnecessary and that some people have no problem giving up while they hike. However, if you’re one of those people that can’t start your day without having a cup of Joe, then the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is for you. This ‘handy’ cooking tool will allow you to get your morning start without taking up too much time or too much space in your bag.

Price: $119

GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug:

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Once you use your Handpresso, you’re going to need somewhere to put your coffee. The GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug is a small, but trendy insulated mug that has a collapsible handle for easy transport. It will keep your coffee (or tea or soup) hot for a rather long time, even in the coldest of hiking seasons. The mug comes tons of colors, too!

Price: $9.95

EatN’ Tool:

cooking tools, trail, hiking, backcountry, outdoors

If you haven’t already received the EatN’ Tool as a stocking stuffer or birthday present, then you’re going to want it as your next favorite cooking tool. The EatN’ Tool by CRKT is an amazing multi-tool that functions as a spoon, fork, bottle opener, and for when you’re not cooking, a screwdriver, wrench, and carabiner.

Price: $7.99

Bamboo Utensil Set:

cooking tools, trail, hiking, backcountry, outdoors

For those of you who like your utensils to be separate, then go for the Bamboo Utensil Set, which is perfect for the outdoors. The bamboo is so lightweight, you won’t even realize you’re carrying it with you. Additionally, it’s super easy to wash, good for the environment, and lasts a long time. It comes with a nice little pouch to hold it all in, too!

Price: $6.25

Stanley Mountain Compact Cook Set:

cooking tools, trail, hiking, backcountry, outdoors

The less you’re able to bring on your backpacking trip the better, and the Stanley-Mountain Compact Cook Set understands that. It comes with a pot, insulated mug/bowl, a plastic strainer lid, AND a spork. There are even lines on the pot and mug to measure. Best of all, it all comes together as simple as a Matryoshka doll, for easy transport.

Price: $20.00

Coghlan’s S’mores Maker:

cooking tools, trail, hiking, backcountry, outdoors

While the Coghlan’s S’mores Maker is certainly more ideal for car camping as opposed to backpacking, it’s definitely an amazing cooking tool that should be in your inventory. Any experienced S’mores maker knows that the most difficult part is keeping all the ingredients together until it gets into your mouth. This handy gadget allows you to just place everything inside, lock it in, and provide you with the most perfect S’more sandwich you’ll ever have!

Price: Approx. $5.00

Before you begin your backcountry cook-off, consider investing in one of these cooking tools first!

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