5 Reasons to Get Outdoors More in 2016

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors More in 2016

5 Reasons to Get Outdoors More in 2016


Happy new year! Sorry for this being a tad late but consider it a belated celebratory introduction!

So it’s 2016, I am sure you already made those resolutions, and may have already broke them at that! But I have five great reasons why you can salvage your resolution list and make getting outdoors and into nature one of your goals of this new year! This list is from my own personal feelings and opinions on getting lost in the woods and follows no particular order. I truly feel these reasons are important to us as humans, as inhabitants of this big floating ball we call home! So on to the list!

Reason Number One

You’re going to hit that trail, campsite, mountain or nice little waterfall and you’re going to stop stressing about all that stuff back in regular society. However many miles you have walked or ran or biked you’re going to be enjoying yourself. Your bills, your job, your nagging boss, all those things are miles and miles away so you will be able to just focus on your self and those who chose to come with you and enjoy being in mother nature. This is one of my favorite aspects of backpacking!

Reason Number Two

Getting in touch with nature as a whole. If its been a long while sense you have gone camping, backpacking, hiking or never have done any of those, after a little time you’re body is literally going to get back in sync. Waking up better with the sun, getting tired at a regular time in the evening, feeling the brisk wind in the mountains and not the filtered heater at the office. Who doesn’t want to ditch the alarm clock and just be able to wake up!

Reason Three

Another big one in my opinion, ditching the tech for a bit. I’m sure we can all agree that the cell phone you’re reading this on is in your hand more often then not. Well when you have no service that little thing becomes a lot less important to your daily life. Of course there are some great apps for outdoors stuff but I still feel a good old fashioned map and compass are more fun and a better skill to have. The best feeling though is not feeling you have a leash on, no one can call you or text you or ask you to come into work or finish that project, tell me that won’t make you a little happier!

Reason Four

I know one of your resolutions was get to the gym more! Your did hit the gym today right? Why not make getting healthy even more enjoyable? That treadmill doesn’t have a gorgeous view at the end of it. You can trail run, you can throw 35 pounds on your back and carry it up a mountain for nine miles, you can grab a nice bike and enjoy the view while also burning off those two burritos you just ate at Chipotle! Getting healthy in the outdoors is easy and fun, its a win-win for your personal well being and your waste line!

And Lastly Reason Five.

The challenge, challenging oneself can be one of the greatest ways to build everything from your body to your self confidence. If you’re already an outdoorsy person but you have never hiked a five mile loop challenge yourself to do one. That’s nothing you say? Then challenge yourself to an over-nighter all alone deep in the woods. You’ve already done that too? Climb a mountain! The challenges are endless and make the completion of a trip that much more memorable.

What do you think? Have I convinced you to get out more this year? What about your thoughts, what are your reasons for wanting to make getting outdoors in 2016 more of a priority? Leave em in the comments.

I’ll leave you with some of my images from where we have been!
See you out on the trail.

Forrest Setnor You can see more of Forrests' work and posts from his adventures in the outdoors at his website Forrestsetnorphotography.com And make sure to follow him on instagram @forrest.b.setnor_photography Growing up with a very outdoorsy lifestyle with a lot of campground camping, hunting and fishing, it was only natural to fall into full on backpacking. We (my girlfriend and I) officially started backpacking last year(2015). As someone who works 50+ hours a week getting out into the deep back country is my relaxation and refueling time. As a photographer who loves shooting nature and landscapes the two naturally go hand in hand so our adventuring serves multiple purposes!