6 Cool Convertible Campers and Tents

6 Cool Convertible Campers and Tents

6 Cool Convertible Campers and Tents


Camping has taken on a whole new meaning ever since clever innovators have hit the scene. Getting outdoors doesn’t have to always be so old-fashioned. It doesn’t even need to involve a plain, boring tent. That’s especially true if you like to explore the outdoors in your own way.

Want to get outside but want to do it in style? Then consider investing in one of these awesome convertible campers or tents. And, we’re not just talking about RVs (that’s old news).

1. The Mini-Camper Boat

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A normal tent is cool, but you can only stay on the ground, right? Not anymore! Check out the brand new Sealander transforming camper. This invention lets you camp out on land or on the water. It’s perfect for people who are interested in hiking the backcountry of places like British Columbia, where there’s a good mix of both land and water. Also, the interior of this camper basically looks like the inside of a mini yacht. So, there’s no need to worry about having to sacrifice your regular comforts.

2. The Roof Top Tent

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If you want to sleep anywhere, but the backseat of your car doesn’t make the best bed, then try “air camping” with a roof top tent by Autohome. They make tents that go above your car, so your road trip can go on forever. While you might see one of these used by safari explorers in Africa, they are becoming more and more popular in your own wilderness backyard. There are all different kinds of tents to choose from, to accommodate not just your car, but your specific camping preferences, too.

3. The Tent That Turns Into a House

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Modular tents, or pod tents have recently become all the rage. These convertible tents are great for people who want to turn their campsite into a cozy house with a living room that can fit the whole family. Buy as many as you need and connect them once you get to your campground. You can also start with one or two, and expand later on. Now, the kids can have their own room, Mom and Dad can get some quiet time, and Grandpa and Grandpa can join along, too!

4. The Flying Camper

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No, you’re not seeing things. That’s right. A flying camper. Okay, so the “MVP” hasn’t hit the market quite yet. It’ll be a couple of years before it does. It’ll also cost as much as a house, but for the person who wants to hike forever, it’s a great deal. “The World’s Most Versatile Plane” is perfect for those who like to take adventure to a new level…one that’s well off the ground. Did we mention that it can also be used as a boat as well? What an amazing idea.

5. The Camp Office

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If you’re a digital nomad, then the combination of your camp and office is something you might find very appealing. There’s nothing like taking your work space into the backcountry, where you can take your breaks among the forest. While there isn’t quite yet a tent out there that actually doubles as an office, there are plenty of gadgets to help you make one yourself. If you want to try converting your tent into a home office, then look into gear by Enerplex. They’ll help you get power to run your laptop and other devices from anywhere in the wilderness.

6. The Actual Convertible Tent

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In case you didn’t know, there are tents that are already awesome convertibles. They are known as none other than convertible tents, of course. Though regular convertible tents may not be as fancy as the others on this list, they’re still very cool and very practical. Convertible tents allow you to adjust the tent to what feels comfortable, typically based on different weather conditions.

While convertible tents aren’t ideal for hiking in extreme weather (specifically in the wintertime), they certainly make camping a little bit easier for the person who gets out every once in a while. With a decent convertible tent, there’s no need to buy a new one every season.

Technology has allowed us to camp in a variety of interesting ways. For some, it makes it more comfortable. For others, it’s a way to experience camping different from what we’re used to. While it might be some time before we see these gadgets actually available in stores, there’s no reason to not start saving up!

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