8 Awesome Outdoor Fitness Retreats in North America

8 Awesome Outdoor Fitness Retreats in North America

8 Awesome Outdoor Fitness Retreats in North America


Those looking for a great way to combine backpacking and fitness in one should check out fitness retreats. You might wonder if there can actually be a such thing as ‘fitness retreats’, but we guarantee there are, and they’re awesome. Out of all the beautiful places to hike in North America, wouldn’t it be great if an intense workout could be incorporated into your hike? Well, it can be. Just sign up for one of these great retreats to make the most of your next hiking trip:

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Mount Trek Alpine Lodge, British Columbia

If you need some motivation to get your fitness routine on, then a trip to British Columbia will surely be enough. Mount Trek Alpine Lodge offers two fitness retreats as well as a ‘trekking vacation”, each providing backpackers with everything they need for a meaningful workout. The schedules for the retreats involve serious workouts gaining elevation and miles, as well as carefully planned fitness activities along the way. When you finish, you’ll reach the Ainsworth Hot Springs, which are the perfect reward after a strenuous day.

Active At Altitude Trail Running Camp, Colorado

Sorry guys, this one is for ladies only. Though, men shouldn’t have a hard time finding something similar if they were interested. Located in Estes Park, Colorado, Active at Altitude helps women reach their fitness goals through the gorgeous Colorado backcountry. The program aims to raise conditioning levels through speed runs, guided climbing/hiking activities and yoga, as well educate hikers through informative sessions on topics like form and injury prevention.

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New Life Hiking Spa, Vermont

Those on the east coast looking to get their fitness game on can come to the Green Mountains of Vermont in Killington. Anyone who has been here before knows what a perfect place it is to hike, and of course workout in, too. If you can’t think of anything better than a vacation that revolves around being outdoors while getting you into shape, then the New Life Hiking Spa has it all. Don’t let the fancy name fool you; expect to hike up high elevations, conquer advanced trails, and take on hardcore fitness challenges in this beautiful backcountry destination.

Backroads MultiSport Tour, Alaska

So it might not be entirely fitness-focused perse, but the Backroads Alaska MultiSport Tour will keep you so active that it’s nearly the same thing. It’s a little different than your typical guided adventure in that they truly emphasize workout time. You’ll be doing plenty of hiking through places like the Icefield Harding Trail and the Kenai Peninsula, while also getting the chance to see everything else Alaska has to offer. The best part? One aspect of this program is that you might have to still pitch a tent instead of crashing into a hotel bed after a long day.

Backcountry Yoga Excursions, Northeast

Whoever said yoga wasn’t a means of getting fit? For some people, it’s all they need. Of course, if you add a hike into the wilderness along with it, then you can truly be guaranteed a solid workout. Backcountry Yoga leads retreats into the backcountry of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. This is one of those fitness retreats that can be for everyone.

The Ashram, California

Located in the backcountry of Santa Monica, The Ashram has something great going on here for yogis and fitness junkies alike. Just like with any ashrams in India, you’ll be taking advantage of all the hours available in the day, waking up early to achieve your fitness goals. The retreat begins at the crack of dawn, where you will wake up to an intense hike, yoga, and tons of fitness classes. You won’t be done until the sun goes down late at night, either. However, you will have achieved 70 miles of hiking in just a week.

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First Ascent, Colorado

Ladies, need some help with climbing those mountain walls? Then let First Ascent Mountain School’s Women’s Climbing Clinic in Colorado Springs help you get started. This retreat is awesome for ladies who want to work out in an adventurous way, while also learning a new skill. It won’t be hard to feel motivated with the breathtaking scenery surrounding you, either. Prepare to get moving at places like Pikes Peak, Red Rock, and North Cheyenne Canyon.

Red Mountain Resort, Utah

The Red Mountain Resort specializes in outdoor retreats, and it’s not a surprise as this place is literally located in the middle of Utah’s amazing canyons. It’s only a stone’s throw away from Snow Canyon State Park, and very close to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks as well. One of the biggest attractions here is the fitness classes and hikes, that will keep you busy and moving for hours on end. They even offer Challenge Hikes and Endurance Hikes on the uneven and challenging terrain right outside your door. Utah is already a great place for an adventure, and an even better place to attend a fitness retreat you’ll never forget.

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Got goals this year? Then let one of these fitness retreats help you to get outdoors and get in shape!

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