First Aid Checklist

First Aid Checklist

First Aid Checklist


In the backcountry, regardless of how careful you are, there’s going to be a point at which you’re going to need a first aid. Whether it’s you or someone else, when you’re spending that much time in the outdoors, someone’s going to get hurt. It’s just the way it goes. We’ve scoured our books, checklists and the Internet to compile this comprehensive first aid checklist. Follow this checklist to make sure that you have your bases covered and that, regardless of the situation, you’ll be ready to respond to whatever needs may arise.

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Basic Care

Make sure that you have the basics with you at all times. Whether you’re out on a day hike or doing a multi-day backpacking trip, this first aid checklist will make sure that you can address the more basic issues that can arise while camping or backpacking.

Antiseptic Wipes _____ Blister Treatment _____
Antibacterial Ointment _____ Ibuprofen or other pain medication _____
Tincture of Benzoin _____ Insect-sting relief _____
Adhesive Bandages _____ Antihistamine _____
Butterfly Bandages _____ Fine Point Tweezers _____
Gauze Pads _____ Safety Pins _____
Nonstick Sterile Pads _____ First-Aid Manual _____
Adhesive Tape _____

Comprehensive Care

Note: You’re probably going to have to pull this comprehensive kit together yourself. It’s rare to find all of these in a commercially available first aid kit. You’re also not going to want to haul this much on your back so be sure that you keep the majority of this first aid kit at camp and only bring what you think you’ll need for the areas you’re planning to cover.

Wound Coverings

Rolled Gauze _____ Cleaning Pads with Topical Anesthetic _____
Stretch to Conform Bandages _____ Hemostatic Gauze _____
Elastic Wrap _____ Liquid Bandages _____
Hydrogel Pads _____ Eye Pads _____

Medications and Treatments

Hand Sanitizer _____ Poison Ivy/Oak Preventative _____
Aloe Gel _____ Poison Ivy/Oak Treatment _____
Aspirin _____ Glucose Tabs _____
Antacid _____ Oral Rehydration Salts _____
Throat Lozenges _____ Antifungal Foot Powder _____
Eye Drops _____ Prescription Meds _____
Anti-Diarrheal _____ Injectible Epinepharine _____


Knife _____ Medical Gloves _____
Paramedic Shears _____ Triangle Bandage _____
Razor Blade _____ Steel Sewing Needle _____
Finger Splints _____ Heavy Duty Thread _____
SAM Splints _____ Needle Nose Pliers w/ Wire Cutter _____
Cotton Swabs _____ Headlamp _____
Oral Thermometer _____ Whistle _____
Low-Reading Thermometer _____ Duct Tape _____
Irrigation Syringe _____ Notepad and Pencil _____
Magnifying Glass _____ Medical Waste Bags _____
Small Mirror _____ Waterproof Container _____
Emergency Blanket _____

Personal Care Items

Sunscreen _____ Soap _____
Lip Balm _____ Water Purification System _____
Insect Repellent _____ Water Basin _____
Headnet _____
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