Rock Climbing Checklist

Rock Climbing Checklist

Rock Climbing Checklist


There are few things that the backcountry offers that are more satisfying than a good climb. There are few things more dangerous, too. Rock climbing is one of the ultimate risk/reward scenarios and to make sure that the reward is clearly outweighing the risk, preparation (as with all other backcountry activities is key. That said, we’ve compiled this checklist to help you prepare for your next rock climbing trip. Next time you head out for a climb, use this rock climbing checklist to make sure you’re packed up so that you can make your climbing adventure as rewarding – and as safe – as possible.

Climbing Gear

Rope _____

Belay/Rappel Device _____

Belay Carabiner _____

Nonlocking Carabiners _____

Nuts _____

Hexes _____

Cams _____

Guidebook _____

Climbing Pack _____

Nut Tool _____

Gear Sling _____

Runners: Singles (60cm) & Doubles (120cm) _____

Quickdraws _____

Chalk _____

Chalk Bag _____

Route Description _____



Helmet _____

Harness _____

Climbing Shoes _____

Belay/Rappel Gloves _____

Tape _____

Sunglasses _____

Sunscreen _____

Lip Balm _____

First-Aid Kit _____


Optional Gear

Map _____

Compass _____

GPS _____

Headlamp or Flashlight _____

Extra Batteries _____

Knife _____

Watch with Altimeter _____

Matches in a Waterproof Container _____

Two-Way Radios _____

Cell Phone _____

Full Water Bottles _____

Water Purification Method _____

Energy Bars/Trail Food _____

Energy Drinks _____

Wicking T-Shirts _____

Shorts and/or Pants _____

Hat (for blocking sun) _____

Rain Jacket _____

Emergency Blanket _____

Repair Kit _____



Insect Repellent _____Toilet Paper _____Towel _____

Hand Sanitizer _____

Camera _____

Binoculars _____

Signaling Mirror _____

Approach Shoes or Boots _____Socks _____Bandana _____

Permits _____

Trash Bag _____

Notepad and Pencil _____

Trip Itinerary Left with a Friend and Under Your Car Seat _____


Ian Campbell Ian Campbell is the founder of Love the Backcountry and a long time lover of adventure travel. When not writing about the backcountry, he can typically be found hiking, backpacking and camping in the mountains and looking to lay his head beneath as many trees as he can find.