How to Do Group Camping With This Gear

How to Do Group Camping With This Gear

How to Do Group Camping With This Gear


Camping in a group can be fun, but it can also be a hassle. Camping with more people means you have to bring more equipment and supplies, and while you’re able to break up the load, it doesn’t always go smoothly. If you want to bring your entire family or your best friends camping and you’re worried about how the gear is going to come along, then consider chipping in for these awesome items to accommodate everyone.

This Amazing Pod Tent

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The POD Tent is a revolutionary tent designed for people who are looking for a new approach to social camping. The best part about this tent is that since it’s modular, you can buy as many attachable tents as you need, and change up the tent’s layout depending on the size of your group. The main outer pod sleeps eight people, but you can add more rooms for family members who want privacy or for the kids who want their own room. Though you might think this tent is too complex to set up, it’s even easier than a standard tent.

Price: $700+

This Genius Travel Bench

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Want to sit around the campfire with your group but don’t want to bring a bunch of separate chairs? Then order the Travel Chair Travel Bench, which takes camping musical chairs to a whole new level. This bench holds up to six people and is the perfect way to get cozy with your favorite hiking group.

Price: $58

The Awesome Family Sized Sleeping Bag

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If you want to keep the babies close during your family camping trip, then invest in the Family Sized Sleeping Bag. It can probably hold about four people, but there’s room for your dog, too! Okay, so maybe the idea is a little quirky, but it’s all part of the fun!

Price: $130+

This Wine Glass for Sharing

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Bringing any glass on a camping trip can be risky, but when you’re going with a group, it’s okay to be a little classy. The Other Half is a creative invention which brings together two wine glasses, so you and your partner whether it be your wife, your crazy uncle, or your best girlfriend, can sip away altogether.

Price: $570+

This Incredible Raft with Hammocks

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Why should your group have to take on the difficult decision of who goes in which raft? Keep things simple with the Hammocraft, a Wyoming-based company that recently released an innovative raft that can let you sail down your favorite river with all of your best buddies or relatives by your side. Though you shouldn’t take these on raging rapids, it’s a nice item for a relaxing day by the lake.

Price: $1,000+

This Smart Meatball Grill

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Cooking for a few people is easy. Cooking for a group at a campsite is a lot harder. Once you’ve already handled bringing all the ingredients you need, you actually need to be able to cook for everyone who’s there. To solve your problem, get the Meatball Grill Basket from Onset. This will make you the star chef of your campsite kitchen, and everyone will be happy you brought it along.

Price: $20

This Portable Bathroom

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Camping with a group generally means a lack of what might be some much needed privacy. When you need to “go”, whether it be to the bathroom, to take a shower, or just to change your sweaty camp clothes, the Portable Changing Tent by Clevr is what your group needs while camping.

Price: $32+

This Necessary Water Cooler

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Making sure you stay hydrated while in the outdoors is one thing. Making sure your entire group is hydrated is another. For your car camping trip, bring along a 5 gallon or 10 gallon water jug, so everyone has easy access to water. It might be a little bit heavy, but at least you have a lot of people to help you!

Price: $20

This Life-Saving Canopy

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Camping can definitely be hot and sunny, and it’s important to keep everyone in your group protected from the sun. Bringing along a shade shelter on your camping trip will be the best decision you ever made when it comes to gear. The Mountain Summit Gear Instant Canopy will save you and your group from the wrath of the sun during your weekend getaway.

Price: $104

Next time you bring along your people for a group camping trip, don’t forget to grab a few of these items first!

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