5 Things You Should Probably Never Try on Snowshoes

5 Things You Should Probably Never Try on Snowshoes

5 Things You Should Probably Never Try on Snowshoes


Snowshoeing is a fun activity that doesn’t take too much effort. It’s a way for all ages and abilities to experience the winter backcountry, without worrying about too much. That being said, there are just some things that snowshoes are meant for, and things they aren’t meant for. So, here are some of those things that you should absolutely never try on snowshoes.

1. Walking Backwards

Okay, you can try it. Once. But, snowshoes are already trying hard enough when it comes to helping you get from point A to point B in the snow. So, making it harder for your snowshoes and yourself by walking the opposite way of how you’re supposed to walk, isn’t really how you should be spending your time outdoors. And, though it might be fun to test out, walking backwards can damage your gear and lead to potential injuries. For now, walk forward, and you’ll be good.

2. Dancing

We get it. After a long trek on snowshoes, you want to celebrate. So do we! But, doing your happy dance on snowshoes could cause you to forget why you were so happy in the first place. After all, these babies aren’t really designed for such activity, anyway. But, if you can manage to bust some moves without busting your butt, we definitely would love to see that!

3. Running

While you can technically run on snowshoes, you might want to refrain from that as much as possible. It already takes more than enough effort to get your feet off the ground, especially when the snow is dense. So, trying to run through all that is really not playing it smart. Haven’t you ever tried running on a beach before? It’s like that, but harder. Don’t strain your legs any more than they need to be strained. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

4. Gliding and Sliding

It may be tempting to glide across the icy snow with those gigantic ice-skate like things you’ve got on. But, most snowshoes are made with heel lifts to help you get more leverage off the ground. Snowshoes aren’t really meant for too-icy conditions, anyway. The point is to get you to walk in snow when you otherwise can’t. Use your snowshoes appropriately!

5. Walking Your Dog

If your dog wants to walk you, then that’s okay. But, as much fun as it is to bring your dog with you on your hikes (which we fully support) snowshoeing may be one of those activities in which you want to leave your best pal home. Though dogs certainly love the snow as much, if not more, than their human counterparts, it might not be the best match. If your dog goes too fast for you, you can get easily get hurt. And, although your dog has a fur coat, they aren’t able to stay out as long as you are (unless they have a warm sweater and booties.) Sorry, but you just may need to leave your buddy home for this one!

Snowshoes are an amazing way to take on the winter backcountry. It’s fun and doesn’t take a long while to learn how to do. But, before you head out there, make sure you’re not going to try anything you shouldn’t!

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