8 Things You Should Try Outdoors Before Winter Ends

8 Things You Should Try Outdoors Before Winter Ends

8 Things You Should Try Outdoors Before Winter Ends


Oh no! Is that snow melting already? You bet it is! Meteorologists are already predicting that based on the mild winter we had, the coming months are going to be rather warm. And, as nice as it is to hike in warm weather, there’s something special about being able to spend time outdoors during the winter. That’s why we want to make sure you exhaust all your wintertime outdoor activities before the season ends.

1. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is like regular fishing except…colder. It’s an enjoyable winter activity that surely takes more patience than in the summertime. Nevertheless, it’s another wonderful way to experience the Great Outdoors.

2. Wildlife “Hunting”

Okay, while it may be hiking season in some parts of the country, you don’t actually need to hunt if you’re not into that kind of thing. Instead, you can go on a wildlife scavenger hunt, where you try to find animals that are out and about during the wintertime. Did someone say “wabbit?”

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3. Snowshoeing

We’ve been raving about snowshoeing all month long, and if you haven’t had the chance to try this sport out yet, then what are you waiting for? Snowshoeing is a really fun way to see the winter backcountry before time runs out. Get going, now!

4. Backcountry Skiing

Snowshoeing is certainly fun, but if you’re looking for more of a challenge, then why not give backcountry skiing a try? It’s the perfect way to see stunning winter landscapes across massive areas of land. And, for the record, it’s not something you can easily do once the snow melts, so get out there now!

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5. Cook S’mores

When it comes to outdoor checklists, s’mores seem to always make it on the list. But, there’s something about cooking s’mores in the wintertime that’s extra special. First of all, huddling up around the campfire when you actually need it to keep you warm is something you really only get to do a few times during the year. But, when you get to use that warmth to cook yummy, gooey s’mores…that’s unforgettable.

6. Winter Camping

Sure, anyone can head outdoors to light up a bonfire and cook s’mores. But, if you’re going to go through all the effort to do that, then you may as well just go camping. Winter camping is a little bit different than camping in the summer months, mainly because it can be freezing outside. But, going around this time of year when the weather is already starting to warm up is a nice way to enjoy winter camping while you still can.

7. Hike Outside with Your Dog

It’s no secret that dogs absolutely love the snow as much as they love being outside. If you haven’t taken your pup on a winter backcountry adventure this season yet, then you’re seriously missing out. (Actually, they’re missing out, but it’s all the same.)

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8. Visit a Warm-Weather National Park

Before the weather starts to get sunny and beautiful, you might want to head down south or to the west coast. The winter time is cold up north but in other parts of the country, the temperature is just right. These parks, like the Ozarks, the Everglades, or Death Valley, are often too hot during the other seasons. Come now!

9. Have Fun!

Last but not least, the thing you must try outdoors before the winter ends is, well, anything fun! People have their own preferences when it comes to being outside. Even if the winter isn’t your favorite time of year, try to get outdoors and do something exciting. It may just change your opinion of winter overall!

Don’t welcome spring by regretting what you didn’t do in the winter. Get outside and enjoy the cold weather and snow before it’s all melted away.

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