5 Incredible Snowshoeing Destinations to Add to Your Bucketlist

5 Incredible Snowshoeing Destinations to Add to Your Bucketlist

5 Incredible Snowshoeing Destinations to Add to Your Bucketlist


So, you’re into snowshoeing, and you want to enjoy it as much as possible while winter is here. No problem! There are lots of places you can go to experience snowshoeing. But, if you want to be where it’s best, then add one of these incredible snowshoeing destinations to your bucketlist.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

When it comes to any winter activity, the Colorado Rockies are always a good time. This area is always pretty full with snow, meaning you can come out and hit the trails at any time. As you go higher, the snow will be deeper and the views will be better. Get the authentic snowshoeing experience here!

2. Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan

If you live in the Midwest, then this is one of the best snowshoeing destinations to experience this awesome activity. Porcupine Wilderness State Park in Michigan has over 100 miles of perfect snowshoeing trails along Lake Superior. While it’s a great option for people of all snowshoeing levels, there are a lot of opportunities for those who want to challenge themselves more.

3. Mt. Rainier, Washington

There’s nothing better than hiking along a mountain range, especially one that’s as beautiful as the Cascades. When you snowshoe here at Mt. Rainier National Park, you can coast along the ridgeline and admire the winter wonderland surrounding you. Snowshoeing has never been better!

4. Custer State Park (Black Hills), South Dakota

The Black Hills in South Dakota are a popular site in the summertime. But, it’s equally as popular in the wintertime when snowshoeing becomes a huge hit. Within Custer State Park, there are thousands of acres of wilderness to explore while you rock your favorite pair of snowshoes. Get there now before the winter ends (or before it gets too crowded!)

And, for first timers…

5. Sun Valley, Idaho

If you’re new to snowshoeing, then you’ll want to go somewhere that’s catered to beginner snowshoers like you. So, look no further than Sun Valley Resort, Idaho. This permanent mountain resort might be a playground for the rich and famous, but there’s no reason you can’t give it a try, too! Go at your own pace, and learn from the experts who will take time to show you how it’s done.

So, where will you go snowshoeing this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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