The Top Pick Tents of 2016

The Top Pick Tents of 2016

The Top Pick Tents of 2016


Once you know how to choose a tent that is best for your adventure, it comes the time to choose the one you’re actually going to purchase. No matter what kind of camping or hiking you’re going to be doing, there’s a great tent out there for everyone. Before you put money down on any tent, here’s the list of the best tents of 2016. Buy one of these, and you won’t be disappointed!

For Ultralight Backpacking

For ultralight backpacking, go for the REI Quarter Dome 2, which is a great 2-person, 3-season, freestanding tent, listed at an affordable price. If you can pay a little more, get the Ghost UL 2 by Mountain Hardwear which is just over 2 lbs., but larger than you would think and very reliable. You can also try the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2, which is simple tent that maintains a spacious interior without the added weight.

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For a Weekend Camping Trip

Sleeping in the outdoors for a camping trip is a bit less of a hassle than hiking when it comes to carrying your tent. When you go car camping, you have more flexibility to bring a tent that is a little heavier, but also includes features you’ll need for your campsite. Check out the Kelty TN 2. It’s a freestanding tent, making set-up super easy. It comes with all the necessary features like two doors, two vestibules, and good protection. Another similar version, the Kelty Trailogic TN2, is great for stargazing while you’ll camp.

You can also check out the Kodiak Canvas-6 Person Flex-Bow, which has a unique design that you’ll love. It’s super easy to roll up and set up, and also comes with an awning so you can have a little shelter. Because it’s canvas, it’s a rather heavy tent, though you won’t be complaining about the weight once you’re enjoying it.

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For a Thru-Hike

For those planning to hike the AT or PCT this year, The Zpacks Duplex is the tent for you. At only 1 pound, 5 oz., it’s ideal for thru-hikes. It’s not a freestanding tent, which means it requires a little more setup. However, the tent poles are easy to put together. The Zpacks Duplex It allows you to walk fast, without worrying about what’s on your back. This single-walled tent is waterproof, has a bathtub floor, and does well in rainy weather.  Any of the ultralight backpacking tents can be used for a thru-hike as well.

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For Convenience and Versatility

If you need your tent to do a little more, than the Tarptent Double Rainbow is a great pick. It’s a 3-season tent that has good weather protection, nice ventilation, and is very spacious on the inside. The Nemo Hornet 2P is another freestanding tent which can be used for pretty much any type of outdoor activity. It’s meant for 1-2 people, with two doors, two vestibules, and the right amount of space to be comfortable.

Don’t overlook the MSR Hubba Hubba NX, which has a ton of features to make this tent a top pick. Great airflow, lightweight, spacious, and a clever design to make sleeping in the outdoors as comfortable and convenient as possible. top pick tents, tents of 2016, tents

For Extreme Weather

For extreme weather, a 3-season tent won’t always do the trick. For a reliable 4-season, take a look at the Hilleberg Nammatj 2, which is one of the equally lightest and toughest tents on the market. In fact, any Hilleberg tent should do the trick, but this one is guaranteed to be as good in winter and high altitudes as it is on a perfect summer day.

You can also take a look at the Mountain Hardwear Trango 2, which is top pick for those winter expeditions you might be planning. It’s an excellent choice for mountaineering, as it can withstand strong winds, cold weather, and provide space for your hiking buddies. It also won’t break the bank.

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For One Person

The Tarptent Notch is ideal for solo, quick paced thru-hikers who can’t be bothered with a complex tent. It’s versatile and double-walled for extra bug protection. Though, if there are no bugs around, you can just pitch the tarp.
While the REI Quarter Dome 2 is meant for you and a friend, the REI Quarter Dome 1 is catered specifically for the solo backpacker. This is a semi-freestanding tent, which is super easy to set up and pack away when you leave your campsite the next morning.

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For the Family

Tents are obviously meant for a simple shelter in the outdoors, but sleeping in a tent with a family is the one time it’s okay to make exceptions. The Eureka Tetragon 8 can fit any family up to 8 people, and was designed with family-time in mind. Hence, the stash pockets for watching movies on your camping trip, and the zippered divider to separate you from the kids.

You and your pack can also take a look at the Quechua 2 Seconds XL Air Tent, which just like it sounds, is an extra large, multi-bedroom tent that inflates quickly and easily.

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Now that you know the top pick tents of 2016, you can feel confidence making your choice. 

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