10 Activity Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts on Labor Day Weekend

10 Activity Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts on Labor Day Weekend

10 Activity Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts on Labor Day Weekend


Summer is just about coming to an end, and there’s only one weekend left to enjoy the good weather. Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner, and people everywhere will be trying to end the season with a bang. If your adventurous self wants to get outside, but you’re not so sure what to do, then here are some ideas. Don’t waste the last weekend of the hiking season. Have fun with one of these!

Note: The whole “wearing white” thing definitely does not apply to you!

1. Go on a Hike

This is an obvious one for those outdoor enthusiasts! What better way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend then out on the trail? There are countless hiking spots all over the country that’ll be just perfect in this kind of weather. You’ll get to spend the entire weekend outside, enjoying nature one last time before fall comes.

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2. Go Camping

Combine your hiking activities with a camping weekend. Labor Day Weekend is typically a time to have barbecues, enjoy the outdoors, and spend time with family before everyone goes back to their routine. What better way to do this than by sitting around a campfire in the middle of the wilderness?

3. Do an Outdoor Adventure Activity

If you want to really spice things up this Labor Day Weekend, then see what outdoor adventure activities are going on in your area. You can do some rock climbing, ziplining, or some white water rafting before the rivers get too cold. Bring your friends and family along to make the most of this time.

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4. Search for Wildlife

Head to a nearby forest or national park and see what wildlife you can find. A lot of animals will be out and about, enjoying the sun just like you before winter comes along. Bring a pair of binoculars, maybe a field guide, and some patience. Try to keep track of what you find in a journal. (Hint: Yellowstone or Yosemite are a safe bet.)

5. Get into Shape

As summer vacation comes to an end, people usually like to have something to show for the time off and the good weather. Labor Day Weekend provides three long days to get in shape, or at least get into a routine of getting into shape. It no doubt gets harder to work out in the wintertime, so it’s best to start getting yourself into the habit now. Go for a run around your neighborhood or try hiking up a mountain with some friends.

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6. Clean Up the Local Beach

If you want to make a difference this holiday, then join volunteer clean up crews to help tidy up your community. Usually at the end of summer, you can volunteer to help clean up parks and beaches. It may be a lot of work, but at least you can sign off the season knowing you did something positive for the environment that you love and cherish so much.

7. Catch a Sunrise or Sunset

People aren’t so eager to wake up at the crack of dawn when it doesn’t start getting light until 7 AM. Pretty soon, the days will shorten, and the sunrise won’t be as fun to wake up and see. Try to catch one last beautiful sunrise this weekend. And, although the mosquitoes at dusk are no fun, getting a few last little bites while you take in a sunset won’t be so bad.

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8. Go on a Romantic Date Outdoors

We know, we know. Sometimes a summer fling is, well, just a summer fling. But, whether you’re ending your summer romance or you’re continuing the relationship, Labor Day Weekend is a great time to get in a romantic date. Have a picnic at the local park or stargaze on top of a hill.

9. Make a Bonfire

You don’t always need to go camping to have a fire (though, it is a good excuse for one!). Bring your friends and family to a beach nearby, where a bonfire should of course be allowed, and spend the evening having some s’mores and sharing your favorite memories from the summer.

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10. Go Gear Shopping!

Okay, so this one doesn’t necessarily take place outside. But, the end of a season usually means there’s a sale going on at your favorite local hiking store, and you need to get in on that before prices go back up again. Take advantage of the clearance rack on summer gear items, and stock up for next year. You won’t regret it!
What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend? If you were stuck for plans, we hope you now have some good ideas!

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