10 Reasons to Camp in Spring vs. Summer

10 Reasons to Camp in Spring vs. Summer

10 Reasons to Camp in Spring vs. Summer


With the weather quickly warming up, it’s never too early to head to the campgrounds. If you love the outdoors, then camping out during any of the seasons can always a good time. But, it’s not hard to see why camping in the springtime is one of the best times of the year to do so. While many people will be waiting until the summertime to camp, here’s why you should take advantage of spring for as long as you can.

1. The Campsites Aren’t As Crowded

Summertime is officially the camping season, which means that campgrounds are going to be filled with people. Sometimes, the crowdedness can take away from the serenity that should come with camping. In order to avoid the crowds and being stressed about beating others to get your campsite permit, go in the spring and you’ll have way less to worry about. It’ll be nice having more of the campground to yourself.

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2. The Weather is Mild

Summertime can sometimes feel as though the gates of hell have opened up. Every year, the heat waves last longer and the humidity is getting less and less tolerable. Summer thunderstorms can really put a damper on your entire camping trip. While it can definitely rain in spring as well, the sunny days are much more easy to camp in than those in summer. There’s nothing like camping in a hoodie!

3. It’s Pretty

Sure, fall leaves are beautiful and so are snowy landscapes, but when the gorgeous wildflowers are all in bloom during the spring, it’s a really nice sight to see. Building your campsite around colorful flower fields really makes camping during the spring a great experience.

4. The Bugs Haven’t Come to Eat You Yet

Summertime is notorious for mosquitoes and all kinds of other annoying bugs. Though you can find some of these pests (like bees) in the spring, the old rule is if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. We’re not saying to completely leave the bug spray at home, but you will definitely need less of it than you would in summer.

5. The Air is Fresh

If you suffer from spring allergies, then this one might not be for you. If you don’t, then lucky you. You’re probably already well aware of how clean it feels to just walk outside in the springtime. In summer, the humidity can make everything way too stuffy. Enjoy the fresh air on your spring camping trip.

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6. You Can Still Enjoy the Warmth of the Campfire

Sitting around a campfire when the summer nights are hot and sticky, kind of defeats the purpose. In spring, the nights are still crisp and the wind can bite. Sitting around the campfire just to appreciate the heat it gives off is something you can really only do in this season (unless it’s winter of course, in which the fire is a necessity!).

7. You Can live Without a Shower

The one thing every camper (especially summertime campers) can’t wait to do after a trip is to come home to a nice, long shower. In the summer, you’re going to get dirty and sticky on parts of your body you didn’t even know you had. In spring, you can actually enjoy being out in the sun, without feeling the need to scrub the grime off of you for hours. Enjoy this liberating feeling while you can.

8. The Wildlife is Flourishing

When the flowers bloom in spring, the animals are ready to wake up from winter and come out of their caves. Okay, so not all animals hibernate in the winter, but you’re definitely bound to see some more this time of year. After all, spring is when many of the forest’s babies are born, so keep your eye out for some adorable animals.

9. The Health Risks Are Lower

Camping during the summer can present some extreme weather conditions which can be very dangerous to innocent campers. One of the main reasons people experience problems during the summer is because of dehydration, heat exhaustion, sunburn, and other weather related problems. In the spring, this will hardly ever be an issue that you’ll have to worry about.

10. It’s Just The Best Season Ever

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased (can you tell?). While camping is always what you make of it, there’s something truly special about camping in the spring. For those who wait through the long winter just for spring to arrive, you know how amazing it feels the first time you can step out for a hike without needing your bulky layers. 

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Most people see the summer as the best time to go camping for a variety of reasons, and they aren’t wrong. Summer is great. But, before summer comes around, why not try to camp in spring just to get a taste of what it’s like?

It is, of course, the best season ever!

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