11 Reasons to Camp with Your Significant Other

11 Reasons to Camp with Your Significant Other

11 Reasons to Camp with Your Significant Other


Getting to explore the outdoors with someone you love can be a truly amazing experience. However, it’s not always easy to convince someone to get outdoors. If you’re in a relationship with both camping and your significant other, then it’s time to start bringing the two together. Here’s all you need to tell that special person in your life how awesome camping is:

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You Have to Work Together

There’s a lot of aspects of camping that require teamwork. For someone who’s looking to see how compatible your relationship is, this is would be a good chance to figure it out. Having to pitch a tent together or help each other carry all the supplies is something that definitely takes two. It teaches you a lot about how much the other person is willing to help out.

You Get to Disconnect

Too much of the time we are distracted by things like our jobs, cell phones, computers, and just the demands of daily life. As long as you both agree to it, heading outdoors for a few days camping gives you both an opportunity to disconnect from all these things and spend more time reconnecting with each other. If you’re a new couple, use the time to learn about your partner.

You Can Bond

With all the time in the day that comes with camping, you’ll have plenty of free time to just talk to each other. Instead of just telling scary stories around the campfire, you can share stories about your past or your dreams for the future. Take advantage of all this time together to have those conversations that are often postponed, or try something new like an outdoor adventure activity.

It’s an Adventure

Exploring with another person not only shows you the world, but it also shows you an intimate side of another human being that’s rarely ever seen. That’s because when you step out of your comfort zone with someone else, you’re letting them see you in a way that most people don’t even see in themselves. Life is certainly an adventure, and camping with your significant other will let you experience it all together.

It’s a Chance to Unwind

Life can be stressful, which can sometimes cause problems in a relationship. Getting away from everything and being outside can really help reduce stress. When stress levels are down, it allows for some pretty cool things to happen in your relationship. If you are happy with your own state of mind, your partner will recognize it.

It’s Free

Finding things to do together these days can just be expensive; another thing that can definitely put a strain on a couple. Luckily, camping is one of those activities that’s essentially free. Of course, you might have to spend some money on supplies or gear, but it’ll pay for itself when it’s all said and done.

Cooking Dinner is Better Than Going Out

One thing couples tend to do is go out to eat at a fancy restaurant on the weekend, which can sometimes become too routine. When you go camping, you’ll have to impress each other with cooking a good meal, which can be an exciting experience to try together. That being said, being out in the wilderness doesn’t mean you still can’t have a delicious meal!

It’s Fun

Your significant other shouldn’t need many other reasons to camp besides the fact that it’s just plain fun! Sleeping under the stars, going on hikes, playing games outside, climbing trees; it’s all part of what makes camping a beautiful experience. If it’s been a while since you two have had a good time, then camping is the perfect solution.

It’s Healthy

Being outdoors is good for your health in so many ways. Not only does camping present opportunities to work on your physical health, but being in nature alone can also help your mental and emotional well-being. If you’re feeling healthy, your positive energy will certainly bounce off your partner’s, making your relationship healthier overall. The more often you go camping together, the more you’ll start to see it. 

romance, camping, outdoors, hiking, significant otherIt’s Romantic

Finding romance isn’t always easy these days. Fortunately, there’s tons of romantic destinations out there that would be ideal for you and your love. Spending time together in the peace and quiet just with each other is something too many couples don’t take the time to do any more. Stargaze together, crack a bottle of wine, or feed each other messy s’mores. Make camping a priority, and let the romance take over.

The Memories

Whatever you experience on a camping trip with your significant other is a special time that only you two share together. It’ll be an event that you two can look back on and talk about for years to come. Not only that, after the trip you can both look back at any photos or journaling you’ve done. Surely, this will remind you to get out there and do it again.

If you and your partner love camping, then it’s likely you have a pretty strong relationship already. If you love camping but your significant other is a bit unsure, then one of these points will surely help convince him or her.

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