All About That Camper Van Life 101

All About That Camper Van Life 101

All About That Camper Van Life 101


So, you love car camping, so much so that you’re considering doing it full time. Tons of people (especially millennials) are ditching the 9-5 for a life on the “wild side.” Could you imagine having the backcountry as your actual backyard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Well, we sure can. But, how do you get started? If you’re thinking about the camper van life, then here are some tips to get the ball rolling (or the wheels moving!)

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Think About Your Goals

What’s inspiring you to get outdoors and take on the wilderness forever? For some people, they see their current lives at a stand still. They don’t have any time to explore the places they want. For others, they can’t afford to take out a mortgage, pay for a car, and all these other things, and life would just be better without being tied down. And, even others, simply can’t decide on one place to settle, so they ultimately decide to call the backcountry their home.

Maybe you fall into one of these categories, maybe you fall into all three, or maybe you fall into zero. The point is, you’re ready to take on a camper van as your new address, and we don’t blame you. You’re awesome.

Purchasing or Renting Your Camper Van

Nowadays, people are finding all sorts of creative ways to make their camper vans. One way is to look on Craigslist and buy an old van, or even an old school bus. Once it’s in your hands, you can customize it to be whatever home on the road you want it to be.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to one van, or you just want to try out this new experience, then you can rent a camper van. There are a lot of companies out there that want to help you get out. Check out Escape Camper Vans to see for yourself.

Decide Your Destinations

Where do you want to take this camper van? Theoretically, there are only some places you can go, seeing as your camper van won’t have wings. But, as outdoor enthusiasts, we know how much there is to see just in the United States. But, what about Canada, or Mexico and the rest of Central America? There’s literally an entire (half of a) world to explore.

Of course…you could always have your van shipped to another continent…

Read Up on Blogs

If you’re seriously thinking about getting a camper van, then know you’re not the first nor the last person to give it a whirl. There are tons of blogs, shows, and documentaries out there that can give you advice about starting this new journey. Remember, there’s a lot more to this transition than simply buying a van and going. (Though, we would all like to think it’s that easy). You have to consider how much it will cost, the maintenance, the campgrounds you can stay at, and how you’re going to use power in the van (if you so choose). The backcountry can get either very cold or hot, and these are all things to consider before you switch over to the camper van life.

Kiss the Stationary Life Goodbye

Getting your camper van together for a life in the backcountry doesn’t happen overnight. Once you save up the money, it’s going to take time to prepare your van and get everything you need for the long, unpredictable journey ahead. But, once you get everything together, you can finally kiss the stationary life goodbye! Now you can spend your days surrounded by what you love most; the backcountry.

Ready to make that leap? Let us know how it goes!


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