Add These Secret Car Camping Destinations to Your List

Add These Secret Car Camping Destinations to Your List

Add These Secret Car Camping Destinations to Your List


If you’re looking for some secret car camping destinations to experience the outdoors, then you’re in the right country. The United States is full of beautiful national parks, forests, and campgrounds, many of which are seen best by a car camping trip. If you’re looking to wow your friends or give your family a weekend they’ll never forget, then head to one of these breathtaking campgrounds.

Memaloose State Park, Oregon

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With amazing views of the Columbia River Gorge, Memaloose State Park is a secret car camping destination that provides car campers with scenery unlike anywhere else in the country. How beautiful would it be to wake up in the morning to have the waterfalls, trees, and blackberry vines surrounding you? Or, how about at night, looking up and admiring the most spectacular view of stars above? Pretty incredible, huh? Best of all, the park has 40 full-hookup sites and more than 65 campsites with all the right amenities. Perfect for car campers.

DeSoto State Park, Alabama

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Looking for warmer weather this season? Then head to DeSoto State Park, Alabama, a little-known secret car camping destination that gets lots of love from the locals. This place is filled with everything a car camper would want to see on their trip, from waterfalls and lush forests to vast hiking trails and campground activities. Best of all, you’ll find 94 full hook-up sites here, as well as a wilderness camping area with 20 sites. Choose your comfort and enjoy the incredible scenery here.

Gunnison National Forest, Colorado

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Colorado is laden with secret car camping destinations for all kinds of adventure seekers. So much so, that it’s getting harder and harder to find secret spots when everyone is looking for the same peace and quiet. That’s why we recommend Gunnison National Forest. While we can’t promise that no one else has heard of it, we can be sure that you’ll be happy making your car camping trip here, no matter what the crowd is. With 3,000 miles of trails, fishing spots, lakes, mountains, and a view of the Painted Wall, you might need to plan for more than a weekend. There are 30 campsites here.

Lake Mcconaughy, Nebraska

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Who would ever think to car camp in Nebraska? EXACTLY. With all due respect to any Nebraskans out there, this state is just not one of the first ones you think of when it comes to secret car camping destinations. That being said, there are some hidden gems here for outdoor enthusiasts, one of them being Lake Mcconaughy. If you’re more of an open land kind of person as opposed to a forest kind of person, then this is the spot for you. While there may not be a lot of camping activities available, it’s a great way to see another side of the country. And, people can camp here for just $5 a night! Worth it? We think so.

Lava Beds National Monument, California

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Unlike the former, California is pretty famous when it comes to campsites and all things outdoors. But, a lot of those can tend to be crowded all year round. To find a secret car camping destination that’s a little more secluded and unique, Lava Beds National Monument is a great place to do car camping. Here, there are lava tubes and caves that you can explore all weekend long. This monument has only one campground which costs $10 a night and makes this small place very special.

There you have it! Now, go seek out these car camping gems!

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