6 Amazing Hikes to See Fall Foliage

6 Amazing Hikes to See Fall Foliage

6 Amazing Hikes to See Fall Foliage


Fall is a beautiful time of the year to go hiking. When the trails are lined with an array of different colors, it’s hard to not want to get outside every moment you can. While most hiking trails provide a nice view of the fall foliage, there are definitely certain trails that are better than others. If you’re on a mission to see the most colorful trees on your hiking trek this season, then visit these trails.

1. Beaver Lake Loop, Michigan

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This beautiful walk along the Beaver Creek in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is unbeatable. Here, you’ll be sure to find the 1.5 mile trail lined with incredible fall foliage. You can also go for the longer 3.5 mile loop if you so choose. Both have great sights to see and feature spectacular scenery as the colorful trees sit alongside the sparkling blue lake.

2. June Lake Loop, California

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Anywhere in the eastern Sierra Mountains you can find fall foliage, though June Lake is where you want to head first. Located in Inyo National Forest, there are several trails around June Lake you can hike and the best one is the June Lake Loop. Not only are the trees lovely, but the air this time of year is crisp and fresh. Just wear a hoodie and you’ll be good to go!

3. Monument Trail, New Jersey

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New Jersey might not be the first place you think of when you’re reading about some of America’s best hikes. But, as a matter of fact, the Northeast is one of the best regions to spend this season. Though you can probably have a good fall foliage experience in any number of the northeastern states, make sure to check out Monument Trail in New Jersey. The trail is located in High Point State Park and is a section of the Appalachian Trail. The best news is, when you get to the top, you get a view of New York, Pennsylvania, and Jersey all in one. The entire route is 7.9 miles, but you can take the shorter routes if you prefer that.

4. Devil’s Head Firetower Hike, Colorado

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Aspen in the fall time is breathtaking, due to none other than the aspen trees themselves turning a gold-ish yellow. But, with so many trails to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to decide which one to go to. The Devil’s Head Firetower Hike has a lot of eye candy to offer hikers. This is a lookout trail that’s 143 steps to what feels like the top of the world. From the top of the firetower, you can get 360 views of the gorgeous fall foliage below.

5. Rocky Top/Thunderhead Mountain, Tennessee

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In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee lies some of the best areas to capture the seasonal scenery. One of the best trails in the park to hit is the Rocky Top/Thunderhead Mountain trail. This is a nearly 14 mile hike that’s, of course, a bit of a challenge. However, the views on the way up are amazing this time of year. The hike begins at the Anthony Creek Trailhead and part of the trail falls on the AT.

6. Wildwood Trail, Oregon

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The Wildwood Trail in Oregon is a famous hiking spot all year round but is especially popular during autumn. The fall foliage here is simply incredible. Along the journey, you’ll pass by some of Oregon’s other backcountry attractions like the Oregon Zoo and Japanese Gardens. Though, as nice as those are, nothing will be as captivating as the fall foliage in front of you.

Our favorite time of year is quickly approaching. We can’t wait to get outside and see the colorful trees as we hike. What about you?

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