8 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Hike

8 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Hike

8 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Hike


The end of summer is bittersweet. While we have to say goodbye to warm days, swimming, and lots of daylight, the grass is greener on the other side. Or should we say, “oranger?” Fall is right around the corner and it’s no doubt one of the best times to hike. If you’re an avid outdoorsy person, then you already know what we’re talking about. But, for those who need a bit more convincing, read on.

1. The Leaves Speak for Themselves

As the leaves change colors on the trees, they are pretty much begging us to get outside. Though the lush green trees and wildflowers are a gorgeous sight in summer, there’s nothing quite like an autumn landscape. In just a few week’s time, the trails we love to hike will be surrounded by gorgeous reds, yellows, and oranges.

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2. The Weather is Perfect

There’s just something about the crisp weather in fall that makes it ideal for hiking and being outside. “Hoodie weather” as we like to call it, means you can hit the trail and not have to worry about sweating the moment you’ve stepped outside. While you’ll need to layer up just a bit, it’s just the right amount of comfort.

3. No More Mosquitoes

Say no more. The days of getting eaten alive by miniature demons are pretty much over. There’s no need to lather yourself in bug spray anymore. Simply walk outside, and wait for those mosquitoes NOT to bite you. It’s amazing.

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4. That Autumn Smell

Okay, this might be a weird one, but people who hike often know exactly what we’re talking about. Autumn just has this kind of smell to it, that seems to lure us outside like a box of chocolates lures hungry people. And, we’re not talking about the pumpkin spice smell from Starbucks. There’s something truly authentic about this kind of aroma, that you can’t find in a candle shop or outside on a summer’s day.

5. The Trails and Parks Aren’t As Crowded

In the summertime, the national parks are absolutely crammed with people. As the kids are off from school and more families are out, the nature that people are seeking out is almost non-existent. That tranquility is taken away since loads of people are crowding the trails. In the fall, you’re likely to have more time to explore the trail by yourself. More time to actually feel one with the nature that’s surrounding you.

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6. It’s Creepy, But in a Cool Way

It seems fall is the one season that really brings us back to our childhood as we hike. As kids, there was nothing like playing around in the woods right when school had started back up again. And, with Halloween the main highlight of this season (in addition to hiking, of course!), there’s something that’s just a little bit creepy about it. Do you hear that? Sounds like a werewolf…

7. Hiking Can Be An Incredible Challenge

While the weather is certainly more suitable for hiking this time of year, it’s also difficult in some ways. As the days are shorter, hikers have to do their best to get to their campsites before sundown. They’ll have less time to hike in daylight, and that can be a challenge. Also, fall days sometimes have low visibility or rain. This can make it harder to see or get through some areas, which is really exciting for some hikers. Just don’t forget to use your judgment.

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8. Because It’s Fun

Hiking in fall is just a fun time. Whether you choose to take pit stops to jump in the leaves, admire the views, or simply enjoy the fresh air, everything is fair game. Some of America’s hiking trails are the best this time of year. We’re sure you’ll love them.

Need any more convincing? We don’t think so. Fall is definitely the best time to hike!

hanalarock I'm Hana- a freelance travel writer and teacher who currently lives in South Korea. I'm originally from New York, but have spent the last two years traveling and living abroad. My first time hiking in the US was when I traveled around the country as a teenager. Though, my first adult backpacking trip was a year ago, when I hiked from Thailand down to Singapore for a month. I'm looking forward to many more adventures in the future. Visit my site for more information.