8 Regions You Can Experience Backcountry Around the World

8 Regions You Can Experience Backcountry Around the World

8 Regions You Can Experience Backcountry Around the World


It’s no doubt that the United States and Canada have some of the best places to backpack. With miles and miles of endless backcountry trails, mountains, wilderness, desert, and even glaciers, it could take a long time to complete everything that’s out there. However, if the time comes where you feel you want to take your adventurous side to other parts of the world, then here’s where you can go:

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It’s not just the name of a gear company, although, it’s easy to see where they got their inspiration from. Patagonia is a gorgeous region in the southern part of South America, that features grasslands, deserts, glaciers, and temperate rainforests. The area encompasses parts of Chile and Argentina, divided by the Andes. Clearly, there’s a lot to see here for a backpacker. You can spend months discovering the backcountry here for yourself.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is every backpacker’s dream, and not just for the kinds of backpackers that rent motorbikes and travel through cities, sleeping at hostels every night. Though many travelers come to this area to explore the urban life and culture, there’s others that come to trek and explore the amazing rural areas in depth. With tons of rainforests, national parks, green mountains, and remote islands, it’s the perfect place to extend your backcountry experiences.

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The Eurasian Steppe

If you ever imagined what it was like for explorers to travel through the Silk Road, then come and do it yourself; just you and your backpack. The Eurasian Steppe is a geographical region that encompasses Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Xinjiang, Mongolia, and Manchuria. There’s also the Puszta, where a huge part of this steppe lies in Hungary. This is truly authentic backcountry that you can’t get anywhere else. Though, for a backcountry lover, the adventure is nothing out of the ordinary.

The Balkans

The Balkans in southeast Europe is an absolutely amazing place to visit, especially backpack. In fact, the Balkans actually attracts backpackers across the world to come and hike the ‘Peak of the Balkans’ trail, which is an extensive hike that takes you through Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro. Though you can hike any area of this region, this trail is the most remote in the Western Balkans, ideal for someone looking for a new type of backcountry experience. You’ll go through mountainous regions, see waterfalls, valleys, and vibrant scenery all around.

The Nordic Countries

No doubt it’s cold, but the Nordic countries-Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, are remarkable countries to go backpacking through. One of the best trails in this region is the Scandinavia Tri-Border Trail, where Norway, Finland, and Sweden’s border meet. Once you’re done there, you can always head up to Iceland to get a taste of waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, black sand beaches, and other stunning features to design an unforgettable backcountry trip to your liking.

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South Korea & Japan

South Korea and Japan are as foreign as it gets for Westerners, but believe it or not, these major economic hubs with their bustling cities have some of the best places in the world to hike. Take Korea for example. The capital, Seoul, is actually surrounded by thirty-seven mountains, 7 of which are over 2,000 feet high. Right across the sea is Japan, which has equally as beautiful hikes, including the incredible hike up Mt. Fuji.

The UK

The United Kingdom is full of gorgeous places to backpack, that many people take holidays here solely for that reason. Visit the Scottish Highlands, or Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. In between the two are endless backcountry landscapes consisting of rolling grasslands and beautiful mountains, just waiting for you to come and explore. It’s a great backpacking destination for a group of a diversely leveled hikers, as not too many of the hikes are difficult. Though, there are a few which are rather strenuous.

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Australia & New Zealand

They don’t call it ‘The Outback’ for nothing. Australia is a magnificent place to backpack if you’re looking for an authentic wilderness experience. With tons of national parks and exciting trails like the Larapinta trail, the Cape to Cape Walk, or the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, this continent is a dream for those who love the backcountry. Head a little more south to New Zealand; a country that seems like it was created solely for hikers who don’t mind working hard for the reward. Here you can hike through unbelievable glacial/mountain landscapes, that will make you love this sport all over again.

You could spend a lifetime exploring the backcountry of North America, but if you feel like you’ve seen most of it or you’re just eager for a new experience, then visit these regions to take your love of the backcountry to a whole new level. These are just a few of the amazing destinations around the world that are ideal for backpackers looking to expand their love for the outdoors.

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