“It Could Be Worse” Instances That Happen While Hiking

“It Could Be Worse” Instances That Happen While Hiking

“It Could Be Worse” Instances That Happen While Hiking


Hiking is always an exciting experience. But, like any experience in life, it’s not always easy. There are a lot of things that can happen along the trail that can really throw you off your mission, put a damper on your trip, or even postpone your hike altogether. However, one thing outdoorsy people tend to learn pretty quickly is that it could always be worse. Despite annoyances and inconveniences that happen while hiking, remember, it’s not the end of the world.

Not Being Totally Prepared Vs. Being Totally Unprepared

We know what you’re thinking. What could be the difference between not being prepared versus being unprepared? Well, let’s put it this way. Sometimes when we go hiking, we’re not as prepared as we would like to be. Occasionally, we forget something at home that we wish we would have brought with us. Or, maybe we’re just not as physically or mentally prepared for the hike as we thought we would be. But, at the end of the day, we’ll get through it.

On the other hand, being totally unprepared is a whole different story. If you’re not ready for the road ahead of you, then the entire hiking experience will be not only difficult but also dangerous and nearly impossible. And, we all know that being stuck out in the backcountry without any preparedness is NOT the way to a good time.

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Scraped Knee Vs. Broken Leg

How many have you have you taken a nasty fall outdoors, and scraped up your knees? It has to be one of the biggest nuisances to happen while hiking. After the initial pain is gone, you need to pick out the dirt and gravel, clean it up, then patch it up. Depending on where the cut is on your knee, you may have trouble walking for a few days. And, your bandage may keep falling off every time you walk.

But, it could be worse! Many hikers have reported stories of tripping and/or falling while on the trail, doing horrific damage to one or both of their legs. Due to how far along these victims were on their trek, it sometimes took hours or ever days to get to the victim with a search and rescue team.

Feeling Cold Vs. Nearly Freezing to Death

This time of year, one of the biggest discomforts is the freezing cold. If you don’t have the right gear, or even if you do, the cold can be extremely painful. It can make you cry and wish you never left your warm, cozy house in the first place. And, while it’s important to be aware of your body temperature, most of the time, we’re just uncomfortable.

But, you know what’s worse? Nearly freezing to death like a “human popsicle.” That’s what happened to this guy who was found on the verge of death outside the designated ski area. Search and rescue squads took quite a while to get to this man, only to find him nearly frozen and suffering from severe hypothermia. Luckily, the man survived, but that’s not the case with everyone!

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Having Trouble Getting Your Fire Started Vs. No Easy Camping Food

Lighting a campfire or a portable stove doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Surely, after some time on the trail, it’ll become easier each time you go hiking. But, it can still be really frustrating where you’re tired, hungry, and cold, and all you want to do is get your fire started. Even if you’re not trying to rub sticks together to get your fire started, it can still be a headache at times.

But, hey, having trouble getting your fire started is much better than not having the opportunity to eat at all. Nowadays, eating outdoors is a lot easier than it once was. Between canned food, dried food, instant noodles, and a lot of easy recipes, at least be thankful you don’t need to find your own food (if you know what we mean!).

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Getting Lost Vs. Not Being Found

One of the fun parts of hiking is getting lost. Well, not too lost, of course. Just lost enough to go a little bit off the trail without disappearing. Lost enough to see another part of the backcountry, without getting too separated from your group or too close to the home of a potentially dangerous animal.

But, there are things that are much worse than just getting lost for a little while. What’s terrifying is getting lost and no one is there to find you or get you back to safety. Sure, most people get found eventually. But, it’s important to know how to take proper safety precautions to stop you from getting lost to begin with.

There can easily be a lot of things to complain about while hiking. But, no matter what little things have got you under the weather, (like a small rainstorm vs. a flash flood!) it could always be worse!

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