Couple Starts Wanderboth to Help Plan Backpacking Trips

Couple Starts Wanderboth to Help Plan Backpacking Trips

Couple Starts Wanderboth to Help Plan Backpacking Trips


For one couple in Minnesota, years of camping and hiking weren’t quite doing it for them anymore. Eventually, they decided to extend their trips deeper into the backcountry, to escape the cliches that come with camping and to find an experience that was much more meaningful.

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Taking the time to plan a meaningful backpacking trip can be hard. Most of the time, the more you look for help with planning a trip, the less you get in return as far as the overall quality. Backpacking with your significant other is no doubt an awesome experience, but if your surroundings aren’t quite as peaceful as you were looking for, then it can really put a damper on the whole thing.

That’s all Teng Lee and Chao Xiong needed to lead them into starting something great; a company called Wanderboth. After hearing about this amazing new startup, I wanted to delve deeper to find out exactly what they offered.

Wanderboth, couple, Minnesota, backpacking, trip

What’s the aim?

All day, we work. Our whole day also revolves around our work schedule, from the time we get up, to the time we finally get back home at night. Once we’re in bed, many couples enjoy checking their feeds or reading a book, and the only time that’s really spent together (if you’re lucky) is over the weekend. Unfortunately, the same couples that have the desire to do something different on a Saturday or Sunday, may not necessarily have the time to figure out what exactly that activity is.

Wanderboth helps other couples in Minnesota get out into the wilderness, without having to spend much time at all planning it. Wanderboth will tailor each backpacking trip to your liking, so you can be ready to go as soon as you clock out on Friday. Their motto is, “Get out. Together.” And, that’s about as much as you need to understand that the couple who created Wanderboth is just your average couple, looking for more time to spend with the person they love.

Where do the trips go?

Right now, the trips go everywhere around the far reaches of Minnesota. While there’s no plans at the moment for the company to extend to other states, perhaps Wanderboth will be enough of an inspiration for another couple to start something similar in their own. In the meantime, if you’re not from Minnesota, it’s all the more reason to sign up for a trip through Wanderboth, so you can get to see what it’s like.

So far, the trips have gone to many of the state parks in the region, like Wild River State Park or Afton State Park, which is where the upcoming trip is.

How does it work?

Lee and Xiong facilitate the organized trips. Additionally, Wanderboth even packs up the gear for you, so you don’t have to worry about what to buy or having to spend money on gear just for a weekend. During your trip, you’ll get to to experience the backcountry the way you hope to, and if you’re not sure how that is, then Lee and Xiong will try and help you figure that out.

What’s the catch?

For a company that plans everything down to packing your bag, you might wonder what the catch is. Well, Lee and Xiong won’t be quitting their full time jobs any time soon with the money they make off of Wanderboth. After all, it will only cost each couple $100 a night. $100 is a pretty great deal when you think about it, and you don’t need to bring anything except yourself. Also, you can be guaranteed that after years of exploring the Minnesota backcountry, this couple knows what they’re doing.

What’s the schedule like?

Right now, the couple is still coming up with a schedule for trips in the coming year. However, from the Wanderboth website, it’s easy to see that their past trips have consisted of everything from snowshoeing, hiking, sitting by a campfire, and for now, learning to love winter hiking. Many of the trips even consist of a lot of free time, so there’s no rules to follow and you can appreciate the backcountry at your own pace.

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Why Minnesota?

Alright, so you’re intrigued. Especially if you’re not from Minnesota, you might be wondering what there is for you over there, and if the trips are even worth it in the first place. So, why Minnesota? What does this state actually have to offer? According to the couple’s website, Minnesota is full of “vast prairies, dense forests, fresh streams, and the ten thousand lakes”. Beyond that, Minnesota is filled with countless hiking trails, 400 of which are in the Superior National Forest. It also shares a border with Canada, which means plenty of opportunities to venture off into some place a little less familiar. Though Minnesota may be overshadowed by other states that are ‘more popular’ for backpacking, Minnesota is a charming getaway that has yet to have been discovered by many outdoor enthusiasts.

Let Wanderboth introduce you to the backcountry of this mysterious state. All you have to do is reserve your spot, and they’ll do the rest.

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