The Perfect Gear for Hiking with Your Dog this Fall

The Perfect Gear for Hiking with Your Dog this Fall

The Perfect Gear for Hiking with Your Dog this Fall


Hiking with your dog is an awesome experience. Not only is it fun for you, but it’ll probably be the most fun your dog has had in a while. Most dogs love being outside in nature as much as we do, and there’s nothing quite like having your furry companion accompanying you on the trail.

The fall is a great time to bring your best friend along for a hike, and a few of these gear items will come in very hand for your pooch.

Foldable Water Bottle (Short Day Hikes)

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Dogs need to be hydrated just as much as we do while on the trail. The problem is that giving water to your dog is somewhat of a procedure, seeing as they can only lap up the water. This foldable water bottle is the perfect solution. Just fill it up at home, and open it out when your dog needs a drink.

Tip: Make sure your dog’s water is clean, just like yours!

Dog Pack (Longer Hikes)

The dog pack is a great accessory for the dog who loves to hike. It straps onto your dog and holds two collapsible water bottles, so they can stay hydrated for the long haul. Ruffwear is where you want to go to find all the outdoor gear you need for your pup, but we recommend the Singletrak Pack, which has two stash pockets in addition to space to carry the water bottles.

Tip: Buy a collapsible bowl, or the Bivy Bowl by this company to have a place to pour the water into.

Collars and Harnesses for Hiking with your Dog

While a collar is the old-fashioned technique, it might be a better idea to have your dog in a harness while on the trail. If your dog is used to the collar, then do what you’re comfortable with. But, if your dog is anxious and you’re worried about him or her slipping out of his or her collar, then go with a harness. You’ll have a bit more control. Ruffwear makes a lot of good harnesses, such as the Front Range Dog Harness. You can also consider buying The Brush Guard, a good choice to protect your dog’s underbelly on rough terrain.

Tip: If you’re going to be doing some night hiking, get a collar or harness that has a reflector on it. This is to make sure you won’t lose your dog out on the trail, and so that other hikers can see your dog as well.


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Many hiking trails require that your dog stays on a leash. Therefore, one of the best options is a hands-free leash, that wraps around your waist. Tuff Mutt makes great hands-free leashes that are perfect for fall hiking with your dog. If you’re not interested in hands-free leashes, then check out these durable custom-made leashes from MyDogsCool.

A Jacket

It can get chilly in the fall, especially for dogs that don’t have a huge, fluffy coat. Mutts of all kind will gladly appreciate it if mom and dad could get them some kind of sweater or jacket to keep them extra warm on the trail. Ruffwear, of course, has a wide array of jackets you can choose from when you go hiking with your dog. Now, both you and your pup can stay warm as you hike together in the fall weather.

Tip: If you put a jacket on your dog, they might not be able to wear a harness. Check if your dog’s jacket is compatible with leash.


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You need shoes to protect your feet while hiking (or outside in general) and so does your dog. For those extra cold days in the fall, your dog will benefit for some booties. And, if you don’t use them now they will definitely come in handy once the winter comes. In addition to using paw protectors, booties from Colorfulhouse are a good choice.

Health and Safety when Hiking with your Dog

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Once you have the necessities, there are some other things you can get for your dog’s health. These include, but aren’t limited to, first aid supplies for your dog, extra food since your dog will be burning more calories, as well as treats to praise him or her for good behavior. Have a microchip and extra ID tags on your dog in case he or she gets lost. If you plan on taking a swim this fall (probably not likely, but you never know) a life jacket is a good idea as well.

Accessories for Hiking with your Dog

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Poop bags or the Pootrap? A GoPro attachment for when you go hiking with your dog? A frisbee? A mat they can sleep on if you’re camping in a tent for the night? Anything that you like to have for extra comfort outdoors may apply to your dog as well. Don’t leave these things at home.

With this gear, your dog will be more than ready to hit the trail this fall. Get goin’!

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