15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Backcountry Lover in Your Life

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Backcountry Lover in Your Life

15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Backcountry Lover in Your Life


Holiday shopping can be a stressful time of the year, especially when you have to find gifts for people who tend to be not so materialistic…outdoorsy people. And, since most of us were outside on Black Friday, we may have missed some of the good gear sales. But, it’s not too late to grab some stocking stuffers for the people in your life that love the backcountry as much as you do!

There is only a little bit of time left before Christmas is here. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to get for that outdoorsy relative or friend, this holiday gift guide will help. Get it fast!

1. THORFire LED Camping Lantern

THORFIRE lantern, backcountry lover, gifts, Christmas, holidays, stocking stuffers

This amazing gadget is a wonderful present for the person who spends most of their time in the pitch darkness of the outdoors. The ThorFire LED Camping Lantern works well and is collapsible, so it’s easy to put inside a stocking (or a backpack.)

2. Farm to Feet Socks

No stocking is complete without a new pair of socks. And, for the person that loves the outdoors so much, they can never really have a shortage of this necessary item. Farm to Feet makes great socks for hiking outdoors. And, they’re 100% American-made!

4. Bill Bryson Box Set

Bill Bryson Box Set, holidays, Christmas, gift ideas, stocking stuffers, backcountry lover

Does your favorite outdoor enthusiast like to read about outdoor adventures as much as they enjoy having them? Then stuff this person’s stocking with the Bill Bryson Box Set, featuring three great reads about this well-known author’s experiences outdoors.

5. Camp Talk

Camp Talk, backcountry lover, gift ideas, stocking stuffers, holidays, Christmas

Camp Talk is a cute little game you can bring along on any family camping trip. It’s super small, so it’s easy to pack in your bag or wallet. The game is all talk, a conversation game that encourages families and groups of friends to answer interesting questions around the campfire. Fits great into any stocking!

6. Yankee Candle Outdoor Scent

Yankee Candle, Alpine Martini, gifts, holidays, Christmas, stocking stuffers

When you can’t be outdoors, it’s nice to have your house smell as much like it as possible. This Christmas, fill someone’s stocking with an outdoor scented candle from Yankee Candle. They have tons of scents to choose from, as well as candle sizes.

7. Adopt a Bison (or another animal)

WWF, adopt an animal, gifts, holidays, stocking stuffers, backcountry lover

Nothing would make a person more excited than finding out their stocking has a bison in it! Okay, not a real bison, of course. But, at WWF, you can symbolically adopt a bison, and give this animal, or another North American animal, as a gift this holiday season.

8. The Diva Cup

Diva Cup, gifts, holidays, stocking stuffers, Christmas, backcountry lover

Lady hiker in your life hasn’t switched over to the Diva Cup yet? Time to give them no room for excuses. The Diva Cup is the best option for women who spend a lot of time outdoors. Don’t leave this out of their stocking!

9. A National Park Pass

backcountry lover, gifts, holidays, Christmas, stocking stuffers

The America the Beautiful National Park Pass is pretty much the golden ticket for any outdoor enthusiast. With this amazing stocking stuffer gift, you’re giving someone special the ability to access the country’s most amazing destinations for free. Who wouldn’t want this?

10. UNO Wilderness

UNO Wilderness, camping, gifts, gift ideas, backcountry lover, holidays, Christmas, stocking stuffers

UNO is a great game to bring on any trip outdoors. Whether you’ll be sitting by the campfire or taking a break on your thru-hike, this game can put a fun spin on your otherwise challenging experience. Now, it comes in a “wilderness” theme, which means it’s a great stocking stuffer for the backcountry lover!

11. Campfire Cologne

Campfire Cologne, gifts, holidays, Christmas, backcountry lover

While you may very much love that outdoorsy man in your life, you may hate the way they smell when they’re on the trail. And, despite the fact you can put up with a little dirtiness, it would be better if would just…not. Campfire Cologne is the answer. Put this baby in your baby’s stocking stuffer, and you’ll both be thankful you did!

12. Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal

Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal, gifts, stocking stuffers, holidays, Christmas, backcountry lover

The outdoors is one of the best inspirations for writing or anything creative. Unfortunately, the conditions in the wilderness aren’t always conducive to writing or drawing, and it’s likely your masterpiece could get ruined. But, the Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal solves this problem by being made of strong, weather-proof material. And, it’ll fit into a stocking no problem!

13. Toasted or Roasted

stocking stuffer, Toasted or Roasted, backcountry lover, Christmas, holidays, gift ideas

This stocking stuffer is another enjoyable campfire game. Toasted or Roasted is a card game where you race your friends to see who can be the first to finish. The objective of the game is to be the first one to “start your campfire” and “roast three marshmallows.”

14. A Parks Project Tee

Does the backcountry lover in your life want to represent their favorite aspect of the outdoors wherever they go? Then get them a Parks Project tee! This company makes awesome apparel with images of national parks, meaningful quotes, and all things outdoors!

And…the best for last

15. Love the Backcountry Apparel

Love the Backcountry apparel, gifts, stocking stuffers, holidays, Christmas

This stocking stuffer needs no introduction. For all the Love the Backcountry fans out there, check out our shop to see which of our apparel you can give out this Christmas!

What are you waiting for? The holidays are just a few weeks away. Get your stocking stuffers now!

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