Get Your Hiking On With This Backcountry Winter Gear

Get Your Hiking On With This Backcountry Winter Gear

Get Your Hiking On With This Backcountry Winter Gear


As we get into November (wow, that went fast!) it’s time to start preparing for winter in the backcountry. For some people, it’s the best time of year to be outside. For others, it’s a little more of a challenge. Either way, before you know it, the temperature will drop even more and if we’re lucky, some snow will come with that. Are you ready? It’s time to get your winter on with this backcountry winter gear.

Osprey Variant 52-Liter Backpack

The Osprey Variant 52-Liter Backpack is one of the hottest pieces of winter gear . Or, should we say, “coldest?”. If you plan on doing some hardcore outdoor activities this coming season, then this is the backpack for you. It holds 52 liters and is made with a design which reduces seams and minimizes weight without making the pack any less durable. It holds all your winter gear so you can comfortably carry everything you need for backpacking in this tough season.

Price: $239.95

Seirus Cambo Clava

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There is nothing, and I mean nothing, as uncomfortable as a wind chill in the face. During the winter months, one gust of wind feels like a thousand knives are stabbing you. Discomfort like this can make a lot of hikers not want to carry on. And, as lovers of the backcountry, we simply can’t allow you to give up on the trail. That’s why you should buy a face mask like the Seirus Cambo Clava. It will protect you from “stinging rain, snow and ice.” Don’t even think about leaving your house without this piece of winter gear.

Price: $26.95

Arc’teryx Thorium SV Hoody

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When it comes to winter hiking, anything with the word “hoody” in it sounds like a promising. If you really want to fight off this season’s weather, then you’re going to need something strong to protect your body. The Arc’teryx Thorium SV Hoody, which is available for men and women, belongs on your backcountry winter gear list. This down jacket is perfect for severe winter weather, and unlike other winter jackets, it’s comfortable and not too boxy. It comes at a hefty price, but you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Price: $349.95

Mambe Super Extreme Blanket

Mambe Super Extreme Blanket, warmth, winter gear, backcountry winter gear

Sometimes, the right winter sleeping bag just isn’t enough. Other times, a day on the trail means a sleeping bag isn’t necessary. Whatever your situation may be, a little warmth-security is nice. And, when that security comes in something like the Mambe Super Extreme Blanket, you can head outdoors in peace. This company makes waterproof blankets for all seasons and occasions, but we felt this one fit the backcountry winter gear list perfectly. The technology and material that went into making this blanket gives it an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, making it “the warmest outdoor blanket you can buy.”

Price: $179.00

Vibram/Wolverine Arctic Grip

arctic grip, wolverine, wet ice technology, winter gear, backcountry winter gear

One of the most difficult aspects of hiking in the winter is all the ice. Not only does ice slow you down, it also increases the risk of falling. Therefore, winter hikers need to be prepared to take on the ice at all costs. Though there are tons of ways to combat ice with things like spikes, ice cleats, or even snowshoes, don’t waste your time weighing your options. Just go for the Vibram Arctic Grip, which was launched earlier this year. It’s one of the only solutions on the market to allow you to walk freely on wet ice. Now, you can buy the shoes from Wolverine which are made with this product.

Price: Approx. $170.00

No, you don’t need to hibernate until the weather gets warm again. Just grab your backcountry winter gear and you’re ready to take on the season ahead!

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