Not Sure Which Parks to Hike This Winter? We’ve Got You Covered

Not Sure Which Parks to Hike This Winter? We’ve Got You Covered

Not Sure Which Parks to Hike This Winter? We’ve Got You Covered


The winter hiking season is slowly approaching and it’s time to start putting your bucket list together. Unlike winter, finding destinations in the summer or fall is easy. Everything is open and accessible, and there really aren’t too many dangers out on the trail (except for maybe heat and hunters). But, when the weather is as harsh as it is in the winter, you need to spend more time choosing  the appropriate places to go. Especially, places where you don’t need to sacrifice fun for safety.

If you’re not sure which winter parks to visit this year, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to some tips from the Essential Park Guide Winter 2016, we know all the best places for you to hike this coming season. Look out!

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Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument, Maine

This is a brand new hiking spot that’s eagerly waiting your arrival this winter. Though development of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is still in progress, there’s still plenty to see here. And, because it’s still “undergoing construction,” there are most likely a lot of hidden gems here that no one else has been able to see yet. You can literally be an explorer here this season. Your experience will be something out of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.” Here, there is a 14-mile scenic loop trail will let you see a lot of the park. But, keep in mind, there is no visitor center up and running here just yet.

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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan

If the name of this national park isn’t enough to intrigue you, then we don’t know what will. After you’ve been mesmerized by all the sightseeing here, you can get lost in the hiking trails (not too lost!), sit by one of the most magical lakes of the Great Lakes, and just live up your chilly backcountry experience. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is perfect for hiking all year round, and it definitely shouldn’t be missed in winter.

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Everglades National Park, Florida

The start of the peak season in the Everglades is in the winter. From right around now until April, you’ll experience the dry weather, which is a bit more welcoming than other seasons. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is much more than just a winter hiking destination, though. Here, you can see tons of wildlife, including endangered species. You’ll get to enjoy a lot of activities this season, and the weather will be just right.

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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

If you’re really hoping to experience that alpine scenery this winter, then visit Rocky Mountain National Park. There’s nothing in the United States quite like the Rockies, and seeing it all in the winter is truly something special. There are over 300 miles of hiking trails here and gorgeous scenery like you wouldn’t believe. If you love snowshoeing or a challenging outdoor atmosphere, you’ll find it in this part of Colorado during the wintertime.

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Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

If backcountry winter sports are your thing, then Grand Teton National Park is where you want to go this winter. This park, like Rocky Mountain, is another one with a gorgeous alpine environment. If you love to hike as much as you love cross-country skiing, then you’ll be amazed by the scenery. With sparkling lakes surrounded by the tall evergreen trees and incredible mountains, where else would you want to come hiking this winter? There are over 200 miles of hiking trails and a history here that makes the park that much more exciting to visit this time of year.

Don’t spend too much time wondering which park you’ll visit this winter. We’ve already got you covered!

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