The Best Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Fitness Apps of 2016

The Best Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Fitness Apps of 2016

The Best Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Fitness Apps of 2016


This year, even more apps have hit the market that will be great for hikers, campers, backpackers, and outdoor fitness enthusiasts alike. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to get out more in 2016, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty of good technology out there to help you. Before you head out, make sure you download these apps first; maybe there will be one less thing you need to pack:


There are already hundreds of hiking apps out there, but it’s important to stay updated on what comes out each year to see how much technology has grown. Even if you’ve looked over using certain apps in the past, you never know if one of these may fit your needs better:

Backcountry Navigator:

The Backcountry Navigator app is the only navigation tool you need for the outdoors; and it works offline. Just download the maps you need before you go, and forget about ever needing to bring along your bulky GPS again!


Wondering what all those mountains are surrounding you? Just download the Peak app, snap a photo of your view, and prepare to be amazed. The app will tell you more information about the peaks near you, including names, elevation, and how far away you are from them.

Elevation Profile:

Just as you might want to know what mountains are surrounding you, you might also want to know if your trouble breathing is a result of altitude sickness. The Elevation Profile app is the easiest way to find out exactly high up you are, or see what your future hike’s elevation will entail.

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Trip Journal:

Have you considered recording your adventures, either for your own memories or to create a blog later on? Then start by downloading the Trip Journal, which helps you create a scrapbook of your hike as you go along, by adding pictures and notes.


Camping is all around an awesome way to get outdoors with friends, family, or your significant other. Though camping might be more stationary than other outdoor activities such as backpacking or hiking, there’s definitely no shortage or what you can bring or what you can do on a camping trip. These apps will help:

Camping Checklist

No matter how much of an experienced packer you are, there’s always the likelihood you could forget something for you adventure. Download the Camping Checklist app, which is a well-detailed app that will make sure you don’t leave your house until you have everything you need.

Camp USA:

If you’re looking to plan a camping trip in America’s backcountry, then Camp USA is a good place to start. This app is great for those who know they want to camp, but are not sure exactly where. It helps you search out specific information about destinations so you can plan an amazing trip.

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GoSkyWatch Planetarium:

One of the most memorable parts of camping is no doubt the stargazing. Just point the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app at whatever part of the sky you’re admiring, and the app will tell you all you need to know about the stars.

First Aid-American Red Cross:

While every camper should be prepared for those scary situations, sometimes things happen that no one is prepared for. Download the First Aid-American Red Cross app, which has a very user-friendly interface to aid in those potential emergency situations outdoors.


Though there are tons of gadgets out there to help assist you with your fitness goals this year, it doesn’t hurt to see what fitness apps are worth downloading. It’s understandable that a person who is active on the trail might not have the time to be bothered with an app; unless of course it’s one of these:


Strava is the perfect app for outdoor fitness folks who really want to compete; even if it’s just against yourself. Strava keeps track of the exercises you do outside, allowing you to keep track of all your hard work (and your victories).

Runtastic Six Pack Abs:

Having a strong core is one of the most important components of fitness hiking. Runtastic Six Pack Abs lets you choose your difficulty, then a voice counts reps for you. There are avatars to show you how your form should be, as well as week-long training programs embedded in the app to get you to be where you want to be.

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Fitbit Charge HR:

If you have a Fitbit, there are plenty of apps that can connect to it. However, if you still haven’t gotten on the Fitbit bandwagon, then consider downloading Fitbit Charge HR, which has a lot of the same functions as a Fitbit, but doesn’t require one connected in order to work.

Zombies, Run!:

Have you ever been alone out in the backcountry and imagined zombies were following you? Maybe not. But, an app like Zombies, Run! will take your outdoor fitness session to a whole new level. Plug in earbuds, and listen to the story of zombies approaching you. If they come, you run, and this app keeps track of whether or not you got away…

Most of these apps are available for both iPhone and Android. Try them on your next hike.

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