This Map of Saskatchewan Was Made by a Blogger

This Map of Saskatchewan Was Made by a Blogger

This Map of Saskatchewan Was Made by a Blogger


Andy Goodson is a blogger from Saskatchewan, Canada, who wanted to find out more about his “backyard.” Even though it’s fairly easy to research where to go in this backcountry destination, Goodson felt that the information available wasn’t gathered in an easily readable format. After setting out with his friends on various adventures and blogging about their experiences on his site, he realized that his personal stories were actually quite informative. Now, thanks to Goodson, every single campsite, hiking trail, and even fishing spot in Saskatchewan is listed on a map he created.

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The Map

The best part about the map Goodson created is that it’s intimate. Any web search will tell you where the trails and campsites are. However, only The Saskatchewan Border Outdoor Adventure Map will let you know about the hidden gems Goodson and his buddies found. The first bit of advice is that many of these gems aren’t located within the provincial parks, but instead, all over the province. You just need to know where to find them.

Most of the mapping Goodson and his friends have done take part on the east and south regions of Saskatchewan, which they wanted to discover more of. When you look at the map, it is filled with blue, yellow, brown, salmon, and orange colored pins scattered on top of each other. They each indicate the types of places you can visit. The map is extremely detailed, listing national, regional, and provincial campgrounds, self-reg campgrounds, recreation sites, and picnic areas, fishing sites for both stocked trout and common species, and lastly, natural attractions and landmarks. All this information is nicely organized, and you can filter the program to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Building this map didn’t happen overnight. According to sources, the work took years to compile. Of course, Goodson’s job has been one any outdoorsy person could only hope to have one day. That being said, mapping out the backcountry can certainly have its moments. Being one of the first groups to step into uncharted parts of the wilderness is rather frightening, but exciting nevertheless.

So, how can you utilize this tool for your benefit? Well, you could either head out on your own journey and see what you come across, or you can plan your own backcountry itinerary based off of Goodson’s map and blog. The important thing to remember is that when it comes to having an outdoor adventure, no two people will ever experience it the same way. Goodson and his friends have had a passion for sharing their own adventures through photography, stories, and now maps. Check it out to get your own inspiration, and in the meantime, start planning your own adventure to some of these awesome destinations Goodson talks about.

The Blog

Buffalo Pound Lake: This prairie was formed by a glacier 10,000 years ago. Today, it’s a peaceful little place you can visit which supplies water to the neighboring areas. Goodson and his gang did a day trip here where they explored the lake and stumbled upon a intriguing stone house, colorful rocks, and bright, green cacti.

Narrow Hills Provincial Park: Located within Narrow Hills Provincial Park are the Gem Lakes; Jade, Diamond, and Opal. It’s great for backpackers looking for a weekend trip, as there are hiking trails connecting each of the lakes together. According to Goodson, it’s the best place to go if you’re looking to fish for exotic trout species.

Fort Livingstone: If you’re interested in seeing wildlife, specifically snakes, then come to Fort Livingstone National Historic Site of Canada. Here, according to Goodson, you can catch a unique sight of “snake porn.” This is an event that happens only a brief time here during the mating season, so make sure to come by in the weeks before and after Mother’s Day (which happens to be right around now!).

Greenwater Provincial Park: Though it’s considered a tourist attraction in Saskatchewan, Goodson describes Greenwater Provincial Park as an old-fashioned kind of campground. The kind that people would go “to meet new people, and not to get away from them.” It’s a great place to visit for a winter camping trip, especially in the area around Steiestol Lake. The scenery is like a magical winter wonderland. Goodson says that, “if I’m going to die as a frozen corpsicle, it might as well be at Steiestol Lake.”

Moose Lake: Up on Duck Mountain Provincial Park is Moose Lake, where you can easily spend the day hiking through the forests or dipping your feet in the water. The scenery might come off as a little creepy depending what time of the day you go, especially once you hit the “Moose Lake Shelter”.  This is just one of the shelter-exploration trips Goodson did, and once you read about it, you’ll want to see it for yourself.

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If you plan on heading out into Saskatchewan’s backcountry, take a look at Goodson’s blog and The Saskatchewan Border Outdoor Adventure Map. You might be surprised at what you find out!

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