8 Random Things You’ve Noticed While Hiking (But Don’t Want to Admit)

8 Random Things You’ve Noticed While Hiking (But Don’t Want to Admit)

8 Random Things You’ve Noticed While Hiking (But Don’t Want to Admit)


People like hiking because of all the beauty to see out on the trail. Especially during the fall, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Most hikers try to take their time while on the trail so they can notice all the little things. And, when you start to hike, there are a lot of random things you start to recognize that you never would have otherwise.

Have you ever noticed these things while hiking in the backcountry? We bet you have, even if you don’t want to admit it.

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1. Hiking Brings Attention to the Existence of Rocks

Sometimes when you hike, you go back in time to grade school. Back to a time when playing with rocks was cool. Except now, it’s socially acceptable. Only when you hike do you actually notice them. You notice the colors, the stripes, the shapes, and ponder for a moment about quitting your job and becoming a geologist.

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2. The Diversity of Insects

When an insect comes into your territory when you’re not on the trail, it’s a bit invasive. But, when you’re hiking on the trail, you actually take the time to notice all the bugs around you. After all, you are in their territory now. When you’re outdoors, the bugs just aren’t as gross. You actually don’t mind them in your presence.

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3. The Sky Moves While Your Hiking

On an average day, people don’t hardly ever notice the sky unless it’s raining. But, when you’re out hiking, you look up. You notice the clouds in the sky, the blue color of the sky (hopefully), and if you look long enough, the sky moving overhead. It’s really an amazing sight to see, but if you told non-hikers about this, they might think you’re a little bit crazy.

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4. Adorable and Questionable Footprints

Footprints in your house are not something you want to see. But, footprints on the trail are fascinating, and can indicate a lot of important information about what’s going on around you. Footprints can tell you what animals have been near you (important), or if there’s another group of hikers ahead of you (also important). If you’re an avid hiker, it’s likely that you’ve probably noticed footprints more often than not.

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5. Your Own Body

While on the trail, you notice a lot of things about your body that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Perhaps you have an uncomfortable itch in a place you didn’t know you have. Perhaps you notice a pain that you’ve never felt before. Maybe you’ve gotten sunburn on your eyelids. Whatever it is, you start to see it more, and in some cases, it can really help your health.

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6. Your Irrational Pet Peeves are Amplified While Hiking

Everyone has pet peeves, but those seem to escalate the moment a hiker hits the trail. You start to realize all kinds of things that you just can’t stand. Having dirt caught in your shoe. Not being able to pull your ponytail through your hat. When someone is walking beside you and they can’t walk in a straight line. Things start to frustrate you that never did before. You partly can’t stand these pet peeves that you notice, and you partly can’t stand the fact that you’re having these feelings in the first place.

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7. The Power of the Sun

Most hikers know the power of the sun and thereby do their best to avoid it harming them. But, occasionally when you hike, you tend to stare up at the sun for a lot longer than you should. And, you think, “Wow, that Sun is STRONG.” So then you look up at it again, knowing very well you’re going to have auras in your eyes for the next three hours.

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8. How Many Trees There Actually Are

Unless you’re hiking in the desert, one thing hikers tend to notice are how many trees there are. You are amazed, and wonder why anyone ever thought cutting down trees was an issue. Then, you start to think about what will happen when technology really takes over, and the whole world turns into the scene of The Lorax. You wonder how much you’d have to pay to experience the trail when everyone’s competing for that little piece of land. Then, you come back to reality, take a deep breath, and realize you might be one of the last generations to enjoy hiking like this.

You might not want to admit it, but we’re pretty sure you’ve noticed at least one of the things while hiking in the backcountry. Are there any others you can think of? Write in the comments below!

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